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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Common Aggregation Hierarchy, third level grouping UNISTATS_XCAH03 1.3.4 11 CHAR

Valid entries

Code Label
CAH01-01-02 medicine (non-specific)
CAH01-01-04 dentistry
CAH02-01-01 nursing (non-specific)
CAH02-01-02 adult nursing
CAH02-01-03 community nursing
CAH02-01-04 midwifery
CAH02-01-05 children's nursing
CAH02-01-06 dental nursing
CAH02-01-07 mental health nursing
CAH02-01-08 learning disabilities nursing
CAH02-01-09 others in nursing
CAH02-02-01 pharmacology
CAH02-02-02 toxicology
CAH02-02-03 pharmacy
CAH02-03-02 nutrition and dietetics
CAH02-03-03 ophthalmics
CAH02-03-04 environmental and public health
CAH02-03-05 physiotherapy
CAH02-03-06 complementary and alternative medicine
CAH02-03-07 medical technology
CAH02-03-08 counselling, psychotherapy and occupational therapy
CAH02-03-11 anatomy, physiology and pathology
CAH02-03-12 others in subjects allied to medicine
CAH03-01-01 biosciences (non-specific)
CAH03-01-02 biology (non-specific)
CAH03-01-03 ecology and environmental biology
CAH03-01-04 microbiology and cell science
CAH03-01-05 plant sciences
CAH03-01-06 zoology
CAH03-01-07 genetics
CAH03-01-08 molecular biology, biophysics and biochemistry
CAH03-01-09 hair and beauty sciences
CAH03-01-10 others in biosciences
CAH03-02-01 sport and exercise sciences
CAH04-01-01 psychology (non-specific)
CAH04-01-02 applied psychology
CAH04-01-03 developmental psychology
CAH04-01-04 psychology and health
CAH04-01-05 others in psychology
CAH05-01-01 veterinary medicine and dentistry
CAH05-01-02 others in veterinary sciences
CAH06-01-01 animal science
CAH06-01-02 agricultural sciences
CAH06-01-03 agriculture
CAH06-01-04 rural estate management
CAH06-01-05 forestry and arboriculture
CAH06-01-06 food and beverage studies (non-specific)
CAH06-01-07 food sciences
CAH06-01-08 food and beverage production
CAH07-01-01 physics
CAH07-01-02 astronomy
CAH07-02-01 chemistry
CAH07-03-01 physical sciences (non-specific)
CAH07-03-02 earth sciences
CAH07-03-03 materials science
CAH07-03-04 forensic and archaeological sciences
CAH09-01-01 mathematics
CAH09-01-02 operational research
CAH09-01-03 statistics
CAH10-01-01 engineering (non-specific)
CAH10-01-02 mechanical engineering
CAH10-01-03 production and manufacturing engineering
CAH10-01-04 aeronautical and aerospace engineering
CAH10-01-05 naval architecture
CAH10-01-06 bioengineering, medical and biomedical engineering
CAH10-01-07 civil engineering
CAH10-01-08 electrical and electronic engineering
CAH10-01-09 chemical, process and energy engineering
CAH10-01-10 others in engineering
CAH10-02-01 minerals technology
CAH10-02-02 materials technology
CAH10-02-03 polymers and textiles
CAH10-02-04 maritime technology
CAH10-02-05 biotechnology
CAH10-02-06 others in technology
CAH11-01-01 computer science
CAH11-01-02 information technology
CAH11-01-03 information systems
CAH11-01-04 software engineering
CAH11-01-05 artificial intelligence
CAH11-01-06 computer games and animation
CAH11-01-07 business computing
CAH11-01-08 others in computing
CAH12-01-02 physical geographical sciences
CAH12-01-03 human geography
CAH12-01-04 environmental sciences
CAH12-01-05 others in geographical studies
CAH13-01-01 architecture
CAH13-01-02 building
CAH13-01-03 landscape design
CAH13-01-04 planning (urban, rural and regional)
CAH14-01-01 humanities (non-specific)
CAH15-01-01 social sciences (non-specific)
CAH15-01-02 sociology
CAH15-01-03 social policy
CAH15-01-04 anthropology
CAH15-01-05 development studies
CAH15-02-01 economics
CAH15-03-01 politics
CAH15-04-01 social work
CAH15-04-02 childhood and youth studies
CAH15-04-03 health studies
CAH16-01-01 law
CAH17-01-01 business and management (non-specific)
CAH17-01-02 business studies
CAH17-01-03 marketing
CAH17-01-04 management studies
CAH17-01-05 human resource management
CAH17-01-06 tourism, transport and travel
CAH17-01-07 finance
CAH17-01-08 accounting
CAH17-01-09 others in business and management
CAH18-01-01 information services
CAH18-01-02 publicity studies
CAH18-01-03 publishing
CAH18-01-04 journalism
CAH18-01-05 media studies
CAH19-01-01 English studies (non-specific)
CAH19-01-02 English language
CAH19-01-03 literature in English
CAH19-01-05 creative writing
CAH19-01-06 others in English studies
CAH19-02-01 Celtic studies (non-specific)
CAH19-02-02 Gaelic studies
CAH19-02-03 Welsh studies
CAH19-02-04 others in Celtic studies
CAH19-03-01 French studies
CAH19-03-02 German and Scandinavian studies
CAH19-03-03 Italian studies
CAH19-03-04 Iberian studies
CAH19-03-05 Slavic studies
CAH19-03-06 Asian studies
CAH19-03-07 African and modern Middle Eastern studies
CAH19-03-08 American and Australasian studies
CAH19-03-09 classics
CAH19-03-10 linguistics
CAH19-03-11 others in language and area studies
CAH20-01-01 history
CAH20-01-02 history of art, architecture and design
CAH20-01-03 archaeology
CAH20-01-04 heritage studies
CAH20-02-01 philosophy
CAH20-02-02 theology and religious studies
CAH21-01-01 creative arts and design (non-specific)
CAH21-01-02 art
CAH21-01-03 design studies
CAH21-01-05 music
CAH21-01-06 drama
CAH21-01-07 dance
CAH21-01-08 cinematics and photography
CAH21-01-09 others in creative arts and design
CAH22-01-01 education
CAH22-01-02 teacher training
CAH23-01-01 combined, general or negotiated studies
CAH23-01-02 personal development

Dependent fields

  • None

Depend upon fields

  • XCAH03

Additional information

Used in all Unistats tables from 2019/20 with CAH 1.2 only.

Technical Specification

Where UNISTATS_ITT = 1 CAH22-01-02 ‘Teacher training’
otherwise For UNISTATS Student, return XCAH03 from the yy051_SJ_Derive table. For UNISTATS Student Alternative, return XCAH03 from the yy054_SJ_Derive table.

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2020-05-27 1.3.4 Field length amended from 3 to 11 as previously entered erroneously
2020-05-19 1.3.3 Valid entries and technical specification updated to replace JACS with CAH version 1.2
2015-08-20 1.3.2 Included reference for AP student data 2014/15

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