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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Aggregate offshore region of provision XREGAG01 2.5.1 4 Char

Valid entries

Code Label
XL Guernsey and Jersey
IM Isle of Man
GREU Geographic region - Other European Union
GRAF Geographic region - Africa
GRAS Geographic region - Asia
GRAU Geographic region - Australasia
GRME Geographic region - Middle East
GRNA Geographic region - North America
GROE Geographic region - Other Europe
GRSA Geographic region - South America

Dependent fields

  • None

Depend upon fields

  • None

Additional information

This field groups the country of provision entries from the Aggregate offshore collection (Cyy052) to regions in a manner consistent with the Student collection's domicile derived fields.

The valid entries for this field are created from an overseas lookup table, provided by Data Management, which includes all the valid country entries in the column F_DOMICILE_ISO. (The Aggregate offshore collection country entries are a subset of the Student collection DOMICILE entries.)

Entry XL is the National Statistics County Classification (NSCC) code for Channel Islands not otherwise specified, but is used in this field to label Guernsey and Jersey. Guernsey and Jersey in this context refer to the Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey, which includes their smaller islands. Guernsey and Jersey includes Channel Islands not otherwise specified.

Technical Specification

The table T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V9 consists of 3 columns:
Country of domicile (F_DOMICILE, VARCHAR2, 4); Region of domicile (F_REGION, VARCHAR2, 4) and ISO Country of domicile (F_DOMICILE_ISO, VARCHAR2, 2). This table has been supplied in an Oracle table provided by Data Management.

Where the COUNTRY value is found in the F_DOMICILE_ISO column of T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V9, then return F_REGION as XREGAG01.

Where the COUNTRY is not found in the F_DOMICILE_ISO column of T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V9, then return Null as XREGAG01, which will be reproduced in XREGAG01. This is an error, highlighting that a value in the collection's COUNTRY field is not contained in the F_DOMICILE_ISO column of T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V9. (This is designed so the derived function does not fail. Nulls are to be identified at impossible values testing to flag the issue to HESA's Data Management team.)

Cyy052 Provision.COUNTRY (2 CHAR) XREGAG01

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2016-09-12 2.5.1 Technical specification revised to update references to T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V8, which has been replaced with T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V9 to accomodate Mayotte joining the EU, and consequently deriving to GREU in F_REGION
2015-01-13 2.4.2 Removal of guidance relating to Cyy051 valid entry GROO, as this can no longer be derived in Cyy051
2013-10-31 2.4.1 Technical specification revised to remove the TEMP processing stage, which is no longer required with the complete move of the source data tables to ISO-3166-1 and the consequent removal of old-style HESA country codes in T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V8 for F_REGION. T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V6 updated to T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V8 to reflect the move to ISO-3166-1 codes in F_REGION and Croatia joining the EU, consequently deriving to GREU in F_REGION
2013-02-18 2.3.1 Text added further clarifying the meaning of Guernsey and Jersey to Additional Information. Second row added to the Technical Specification 'TEMP' table: where the COUNTRY value is not found in T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V6.F_DOMICILE_ISO, return Null as XREGAG01 as an error - rather than allowing the function to fail
2012-03-06 2.2.1 Updated to use t_overseas_lookup_v6
2009-04-30 2.1.1 Removal of valid entry GROO as Cyy052.COUNTRY valid entries cannot derive to Non-European Union unknown
2009-04-03 1.1.1 Created

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