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Student Alternative 2019/20 - Initiatives

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Student Alternative 2019/20

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This field identifies students who are part of a specific scheme that is to be monitored independently. Valid entries will change from year to year to reflect current schemes.

Applicable toEngland Scotland

Instances at providers that are part of a named scheme

Valid entries and labels
UPostgraduate Loan Eligibility
KHigher Apprenticeship
15Institute of Technology (IoT)
16Accelerated provision

This field collects information with respect to student instances that are part of a scheme. Where a student transfers course within the same instance, InstancePeriod.INITIATIVES should continue to identify the scheme.

The field should not be used for students who might previously have undertaken an initiative as part of a different instance or at another provider.

Postgraduate Loan Eligibility

Code U 'Postgraduate Loan Eligibility' should be used to identify students at providers in England who are participating on a course that is eligible for a Postgraduate Loan for Masters or Doctoral Study. This applies to students who are on courses that are:


  • full-time, lasting 1 or 2 academic years,
  • part-time, lasting 2 to 4 academic years - no more than twice the length of the equivalent full-time course,
  • part-time for up to 3 years, where no equivalent full-time course exists.


  • Full-time or part-time, lasting 3 to 8 academic years,
  • Taught or research-based, or a combination of both,
  • Provided by a UK university with research degree awarding powers.

If more than one provider delivers the course and one is overseas, students will still be eligible for the Postgraduate Doctoral Loan so long as:

  • The UK Provider is the lead institution
  • At least 50% of the study time over the whole course in the UK

This code should only be returned for Course.COURSEAIM valid entries D00, E00, L00, L99, M00, M01, M10, M11, M16, M76 or M88. M88 courses would not normally qualify for a Postgraduate Loan for Masters Study, but may do so if the course is studied part-time and the student is not eligible for undergraduate funding.

This code is intended to record where a student is on a course that are eligible for a Masters or Doctoral loan irrespective of whether the individual student is eligible or in receipt of a loan. This information cannot be ascertained from the Student Loans Company, and Office for Students need to be able to identify these students for funding.

Higher Apprenticeship

A Higher Apprenticeship incorporates a work-based learning programme and leads to a nationally recognised qualification at NVQ levels 4, 5, 6 or 7 or equivalent. Code 'K' is used to identify students where the provider is aware that the instance comprises any part of the study component of a Higher Apprenticeship or Standard.

For providers in England and Scotland this code should also capture students on Degree Apprenticeships (as Degree Apprenticeships are a subset of Higher Apprenticeships).

Accelerated provision

This code is only valid for providers in England

Accelerated courses provide students with the opportunity to study for a qualification over a shorter period of time than is typical, by increasing the intensity of study during the academic year. For example, a first degree being completed in 2 years instead of the usual 3 years.

Part-time courses should not be returned as accelerated provision.

Institute of Technology

In order to support the competition set up by DfE that seeks to establish new Institutes of technology (IoT) providers are required to meet key performance metrics as part of the awarding of a IoT title. This is applicable to providers in England only.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this entity are displayed here.
Reason required From time to time funders introduce initiatives where, for a limited period, there is a requirement to track students who are recruited under the particular initiative. In order to achieve this without having to introduce new fields to the record at short notice, or conduct additional data collections, this field will be used to flag students involved in these short-term initiatives.
Part of
Field length2
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences3
Schema components
OwnerOffice for Students
Date modified2020-06-26
Change management notesGuidance update has been made in the 'Postgraduate Loan eligibility' section to include M76 to the list of COURSEAIM valid entries. Additional guidance added to the 'Accelerated provision' section to advise part-time courses should not be returned as accelerated provision.

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