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Student Alternative 2019/20 - Instance period end date

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Student Alternative 2019/20

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Instance period end date

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This field records the end date of the instance period with the provider.

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All instances.


All date fields in the Student Alternative record must be completed using the ISO8601 format of YYYY-MM-DD. The specification of this field falls within the scope of the Aligned Data Definitions and follows the Data Standards in the HESA Student Alternative record.

Instance periods are usually synonymous with the concept of an academic year within providers. It is recognised that not all providers use the same time frames for this concept. Providers should return the dates that align with their internal concept of an academic year.

It is possible for more than one instance period to be present within a HESA reporting period - the presence of InstancePeriod.PERIODSTART and PERIODEND permit the analysis of progression in these cases.

The date recorded in this field should be consistent with HESA's position that the completion of an instance or instance period is defined as being the point at which the taught or structured part of the instance/instance period (including any formal writing-up period) is completed.

Sometimes there will be a delay in knowing whether or not a student has ended their instance period. Where the precise date of the student ending is not known, the date of the end of the month, term or semester in which the student last attended should be given.

Where the student is on their final instance period, the completion date of the instance in Instance.ENDDATE would be expected to be the same as in PERIODEND.

Where instance periods cross reporting periods, they should be reported in both, with appropriate InstancePeriod.STULOAD values to indicate intensity of study. In such cases the start and end dates for the instance period should typically be consistent in both years in which it is returned.

The end date of the instance period should reflect the actual pattern of study for the student where this is known as opposed to the expected date, and therefore if the end date of an instance period changes the latest position should be reported to HESA.

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Reason required Used to identify the date on which the instance period ended, which allows for the recording of non-standard academic years.
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Field length10
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Maximum occurrences1
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Date modified2020-02-06
Change management notesDescription updated to clarify that this field records the end date of the instance period with the provider.

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