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Estates management 2020/21 - Percentage modal split for commuting by students - D75PercentageModalSplitForCommutingByStudents

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Estates management 2020/21

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Percentage modal split for commuting by students - D75

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Short namePercentageModalSplitForCommutingByStudents

The fields in this entity contain data about the percentage modal split of students commuting from their term-time address to the HEP.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education providers (HEPs).


Estimated percentage of students who travel to and from their term-time address to the HEP by mode of transport. Where students are on study/work placement the location of the placement should be used. It should not include travel from their term-time address to their home (holiday) address.

The definition of students should align with that used in the Student record Coverage of the record.

Although preferable, it is not anticipated that relevant surveys will be carried out on an annual basis for all HEPs and therefore the results may hold over from one year to the next between surveys.

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