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Aggregate offshore 2020/21 - Number of students dormant

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Aggregate offshore 2020/21

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Number of students dormant

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This headcount is of students who are registered but did not study.

Applicable toEngland Wales

All Provision records at providers in England and Wales


Students who are inactive for the whole reporting period should be reported as dormant. This should include cases where the student attended in a previous reporting year and undertook no activity in the current year, but has not withdrawn. Students who register but do not begin study at all should be omitted from the record.

A dormant student who temporarily withdraws but returns to dormant during the reporting period should be returned as dormant.

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Reason required To enable OfS and HEFCW to better deliver regulatory oversight of transnational education using the AOR and publish improved reporting on transnational education for students and other stakeholders.
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Field length6
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Maximum occurrences1
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Change management notesNotes section has been updated to clarify guidance regarding dormant students.

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