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Initial Teacher Training 2020/21 - End date of instance

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Initial Teacher Training 2020/21

Fields required from institutions in England

End date of instance

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Short nameENDDATE

This field records the date the student left the student instance detailed in this return.

Applicable toEngland

All students.

Leaving information for Student.ENDDATE and Student.RSNEND must be submitted where a student has left the ITT course.
Where a student has left the ITT course before the DfE census date of 2nd Wednesday in October, the leaving information will indicate that the student must be excluded from the DfE census.


This field is identical to the Instance.ENDDATE field in the Student record.

All date fields in this collection must be completed using the ISO8601 format of YYYY-MM-DD. The specification of this field falls within the scope of the Aligned Data Definitions and follows the Data Standards in the HESA record.

This field should be completed for students who leave their ITT instance early in the reporting period to ensure these students are excluded from the DfE census and that ITT Funding is adjusted where appropriate in good time.

If a student transfers from an ITT to a Non-ITT course before the DfE census, this field should be completed with Student.RSNEND of 11 'Other'. This method of reporting may differ from the Student collection for students transferring from an ITT to a non-ITT course.

If the instance has not ended, an empty element should be returned, i.e:

Quality rules
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Reason required To determine whether to include a student in any particular population definition, and to exclude students from the DfE census.
Part of
Field length10
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: ENDDATE
Data type: DateWithNullType
Date modified2020-09-02
Change management notesGuidance has been updated to be clarify when RSNEND valid entry 11 'Other' should be used.

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