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Graduate Outcomes Survey Results 2020/21 - Employment basis

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Graduate Outcomes Survey Results 2020/21

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Employment basis

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valid entries
Short nameEMPBASIS

This data items records the graduates own assessment for their basis of employment

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

Graduate.ALLACT01 = 1 OR Graduate.ALLACT05 = 1 unless (Graduate.ALLACT01 = 1 OR Graduate.ALLACT05 = 1) AND (Graduate.ALLACT02 = 1 OR Graduate.ALLACT03 = 1 OR Graduate.ALLACT04 = 1) AND (Graduate.ACTCHECK = 2) AND (Graduate.MIMPACT = 02, 03 OR 04)

Valid entries and labels
01On a permanent/open ended contract
02On a fixed-term contract lasting 12 months or longer
03On a fixed-term contract lasting less than 12 months
04Temping (including supply teaching)
05On a zero hours contract
07On an internship
09Not known

The information captured relates to what the graduate considers to be their MAIN job in the employment section. This question is mandatory to answer if ALLACT01 = 1 or ALLACT05 = 1.


What was you employment status?

Required for valid responseYes
To be asked of third partyYes
Quality rules
Quality rules to follow
Part of
Field length2
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Change management notesThe wording of the question relating to EMPBASIS has been updated for the c20071 / c20072 collection. The question that previously populated CONSTART fields has been removed from the survey for C20071 / c20072 collections, reference to CONSTART has, therefore, been removed from the coverage of this field.

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