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Student 2021/22 - Delivery organisation and locationDeliveryOrganisationAndLocation

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Student 2021/22

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Delivery organisation and location

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Short nameDeliveryOrganisationAndLocation

This entity records the delivery organisations and locations associated with a Course.

Applicable toEngland

All Courses at providers in England where the reporting provider is not wholly responsible for the delivery of the Course, excluding sequential collaborative courses and courses not planned to be delivered by another provider.


This entity must be returned once for each organisation involved in delivery of the Course (except for the reporting provider) with the proportion field returned to indicate the relevant proportion of the Course being delivered by each organisation.

This information should reflect the entirety of the Course and should take into account franchised Modules. It is therefore usually expected that where a student is undertaking modules with Module.TINST returned, their course would have at least one DeliveryOrganisationAndLocation entity returned. The proportions of different delivery organisations for a Course may be dependent on student Module choices. In these cases, the proportions returned in the DeliveryOrganisationAndLocation entity should be based on the most common choices from students in previous years or the expected pathways for new Courses. There may therefore be cases where the data returned in Module.TINST does not align with that returned in DeliveryOrganisationAndLocation for a student, for example if they took an optional Module taught by a different organisation.

A postcode is required to be returned for each delivery organisation. In cases where the organisation is delivering learning at more than one location, the location where the majority of activity is undertaken should be recorded. Where a generic code is used for the delivery organisation and the provision is delivered across multiple locations, making it burdensome to return the delivery location postcode, then the postcode does not need to completed.

If the organisation doing the majority of teaching changes, or there is a new delivery partner, a new Course would be required to be submitted and students associated with the appropriate version.

If the reporting provider delivers the full Course, this entity is not required.


  • Sequential collaborative courses, where the registration of the student formally transfers from one provider to another part way through the course.
  • Courses where the course is not planned to be delivered by another named provider from the start. For example, if there is a course where a student can potentially go to a number of different providers at different points. This is not the same as where the module options result in varying proportions being delivered by a named provider.
  • Courses with a statutory clinical placement.
Quality rules
Quality rules to follow
Reason required To allow the OfS to attribute students to a named delivery organisation for the purposes of reporting on 'teaching provider' consistently from the start of a student's course.
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Date modified2022-05-05
Change management notesThe reason required has been updated to clarify that the entity is to allow the OfS to attribute students to a named delivery organisation for the purposes of reporting on 'teaching provider' consistently from the start of a student's course. Guidance updated to add courses with a statutory clinical placement to the list of exclusions.

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