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Student 2021/22 - Provider's own campus identifier

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Student 2021/22

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Provider's own campus identifier

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Short nameINSTCAMP

This field contains the provider's own campus identifier.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

Optional for all instances.


This field will collect the provider’s own campus identifier to enable providers to identify groups of students, such as nurses or continuing education students, for their own purposes, since these may not be mutually exclusive to the strengthened requirement for Instance.CAMPID to show distinct physical site only.

For instances linked to Welsh For Adults courses, this field must contain the postcode of the venue the course is being studied at. Where the venue changes within the duration of the course, then use the postcode of where the majority of the course takes place. There is further guidance on valid postcode formats at: The business rule structure validation is slightly less strict than that described in UK Government Data Standards Catalogue, as not all parsers will support the full GDSC definition. All postcodes are validated against valid postcodes at exception.

Quality rules
Quality rules to follow
Reason required For provider use, to prevent inappropriate use of CAMPID. Also used to record location of venue for Welsh for Adults instances
Part of
Field length8
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Data type: INSTCAMPType
Date modified2021-10-18
Change management notesThe coverage has been updated to 'Optional for all instances', to reflect the removal of certain COURSEAIMs from the Student record.

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