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Student 2021/22 - Service student

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Student 2021/22

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Service student

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valid entries
Short nameSERSTU

This field records if the student is from a service family, based on their own self-assessment.

Applicable toScotland

All Students at providers in Scotland where EntryProfile.DOMICILE =XH

Valid entries and labels
98Information refused
99Not available

The below recommended question has been developed by UCAS:

Do you have a parent or carer who currently serves in the UK Armed Forces, or who has done so in the past?



Select Yes if you have a parent who currently serves in the Regular UK Armed Forces or as a Reservist or has done so at any point during the first 25 years of your life.

The Scotland Hub of the Service Children’s Progression Alliance, chaired by the Royal Caledonian Education Trust and with representatives from across Scotland’s HEIs, Scottish Government and stakeholders defines a Service Child as:

"A person who has a parent or carer who served or is serving in the regular or reservist British Armed Forces (Royal Navy, British Army, or Royal Air Force) at any point during the first 25 years of that person’s life."

This information should be updated where applicable.

Quality rules
Quality rules to follow
Reason required SFC requires Service Children to be identified as it is recognised that this group of students may require additional support. The data would enable HE providers, SFC and other public bodies to plan and make informed decisions about students from service families.
Part of
Field length2
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: SERSTU
Date modified2021-12-23
Change management notesGuidance updated to clarify the definition of a service student.

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