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Derived field specifications - Contents

Below is a list of derived fields created by HESA. They are provided to aid in understanding the onwards usage of data. They may be subject to updating during the collection year, until the collection closes.

Please refer to the Derived field specifications - History page for a full list of changes to the specifications, ordered by date.

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Field name Version Description
Download lookup dataN/aLookup data and supplemental data for associated derived fields
UNISTATS_CONT_STAT1.1.4Unistats continuation status
UNISTATS_HIQUAL21.1.2Unistats highest qualification on entry
UNISTATS_ITT1.4.1Unistats Initial Teacher Training Student identifier
UNISTATS_MODE1.2.5Unistats mode / qualifiers mode
UNISTATS_TPROV1.1.2Unistats HE provider delivering majority of teaching (mergers applied)
UNISTATS_XCAH031.3.5Common Aggregation Hierarchy, third level grouping
UNISTATS_XLEV5011.1.1UNISTATS level of study
UNISTATS_XPSR011.1.1UNISTATS Standard Registration Population
UNISTATS_XQOBTN021.6.3UNISTATS qualifications obtained
XAGEA011.7.1Age at 31 August in reporting year
XAGEJ011.4.2Age at 31 July in reporting year
XAGRP6011.1.9Age grouping at 31 August in reporting year - 6 way split
XAGRPA011.1.9Age grouping at 31 August in reporting year
XAGRPJ011.1.10Age grouping at 31 July in reporting year
XCAH011.1.4Common Aggregation Hierarchy, first level grouping
XCAH021.1.4Common Aggregation Hierarchy, second level grouping
XCAH031.1.4Common Aggregation Hierarchy, third level grouping
XCLASS011.7.1Classification of qualification
XCLASSF011.3.1Classification of qualification
XDESIG022.1.1Student Alternative provider marker - instance period level
XDESIG032.1.1Student Alternative provider marker - instance level
XDOM012.4.1Domicile (Processing)
XDOMGR015.2.3Region of student domicile
XDOMGR4011.1.3Region of student domicile - 4 way grouping
XDOMHM012.2.3Domicile (participation by nation)
XDOMREG012.1.3Analytical protocol domicile region
XDOMUC017.1.1Domicile (county/region/unitary authority/local government district level)
XELSP011.4.2Expected length of study programme
XEPYEAR012.2.1Last year in which an Entry Profile for a UHN was supplied to HESA (Processing)
XETHNIC011.6.3Analytical protocol ethnicity
XETHNIC021.1.3Analytical protocol ethnicity 2
XFPE014.2.1Full person equivalent
XFYEAR011.2.5First year identifier (to be used with XPDEC01 only)
XFYRSR011.2.4First year identifier (to be used with XPSR01 only)
XGLEV3011.1.3Level of qualification in Graduate Outcomes - 3 way split
XGLEV5011.1.3Level of qualification in Graduate Outcomes - 5 way split
XHECOS4.2.1HECoS subject
XHOOS012.1.2Home/overseas student
XINACT011.3.1Inactive for entire reporting year
XINSTC011.18.1Country of higher education provider
XINSTG013.17.1Region of higher education provider
XINSTID011.61.1HESA higher education provider identifier
XLEV3011.17.1Level of study - 3 way split
XLEV5011.18.1Level of study - 5 way split
XLEV6011.17.1Level of study - 6 way split
XMODE021.2.1Mode of study
XMODE3011.3.3Mode of study - three way grouping
XMSTUFEE011.5.1Analytical protocol major source of tuition fees
XNATGR011.9.1Geographic region of student nationality
XOBTNG011.4.1Graduate Outcomes highest qualification obtained
XPDEC013.19.1Population at 1 December
XPGO011.6.1Graduate Outcomes population
XPQUAL012.23.1Qualifications obtained population
XPROVCAT1.1.1HESA Provider Category
XPSES013.18.1Session population
XPSR012.11.1Standard registration population
XPUBPOPG011.3.1Publication population marker (GO)
XQEYEAR011.1.3Year QualificationsOnEntry last updated (Processing)
XQLEV10031.13.1Level of qualification - 10 way split
XQLEV3011.18.1Level of qualification - 3 way split
XQLEV5011.18.1Level of qualification - 5 way split
XQLEV6011.18.1Level of qualification - 6 way split
XQLEV7011.4.1Level of qualification - 7 way split
XQMODE013.6.1Qualification obtained mode of study
XQOBTN019.8.1Highest qualification obtained
XQPREV011.1.3Qualification previously submitted
XQUALENT011.5.1Highest qualification on entry
XREG013.6.1Student Continuity Register (Processing)
XSTUDIS011.4.1Student disability
XSTULOAD011.1.1Sum of student instance FTE for reporting period
XTPOINTS1.24.2UCAS tariff point aggregation
XTPOINTSGP011.1.2Tariff analysis groupings
XUHN011.1.1UKPRN-HUSID-NUMHUS combination
XYEARM012.5.1Last year in which an active record for a UHN was sent to HESA (Processing)
ZFUNDCODE011.1.2FUNDCODE aggregation
ZLANGPCNT011.1.1Percentage of module taught through Celtic Language
ZNOTEND011.1.1Withdrawn or suspended
ZSTARTMONTH011.1.1Start month of instance
ZSTARTYEAR011.1.1Start year of instance
ZWLSSBJCA021.3.1Welsh Subjects

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