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Distance learning

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valid entries
Short nameDISTANCE

This field records whether the course is offered through distance learning only.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All KISCourses.

Valid entries and labels
2Course is optionally available through distance learning
1Course is only available through distance learning
0Course is available other than by distance learning

Only part-time courses (KISCourse.KISMODE = 2) can be returned as 2 ‘Course is optionally available through distance learning’. Where a full-time course is available both through distance learning and other than by distance learning, this would be considered two distinct courses and two KISCourses must be returned.

In this instance, ‘distance learning’ refers to where students are not in attendance for the whole of their course, with the possible exception of occasional attendance, such as examinations or summer schools.

This field is required for all KISCourses.

If a HESACourse or ILRAims entity is also returned, this field will be checked against the course associated with HESACourse.HESACOURSEID or ILRAims.ILRAIMID.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this entity are displayed here.
Reason required Linking to HESA.
Part of
Field length1
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
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