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Short nameLocation

This entity records details of the teaching location.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All providers except where all KIS Courses are coded KISCourse.DISTANCE = 1.


A separate location should be returned if 25 or more students are studying at the location and it is at least 1km away from another location. In exceptional circumstances locations that are over 1km apart may not need to be separately identified, if for example they are advertised as one and students frequently move between the two locations. Occasionally it may be appropriate to return locations with fewer students, provided these are geographically distinct and separately marketed to students. If they are treated as a single location Location.LONGITUDE and Location.LATITUDE should reflect the location at which the majority of activity is undertaken rather than a point between the two locations.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this entity are displayed here.
Reason required This entity allows mapping of course locations and the display of location specific accommodation data.
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Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences100
Schema components
Element: Location
Has parts

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