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Table 3 - PASSMARK - data about specific sittings of each of your assessments (e.g. first sits, resits)

Version 1.0 Produced 2024-05-08

Field name Field long name Definition Data type Sample entries Essential or desirable Further notes and guidance
ASSESSID Assessment identifier This identifier is the foreign key link to the  ASSESSMENT table. The value of this field should correspond to the value in the ASSESSMENT table. Text "10007158_Y1_A1" "10006386_10007158_Y1_A1" Essential The value of this field should correspond to the value in the ASSESSMENT table for this assessment/row of data.
DATEASSESSMENT Date of assessment The date that the assessment was sat, submitted, relevant exam board was sat, had results published, etc. Date "21/06/2023" Essential Ensure date is in dd/mm/yyyy format.
This field does not have to be an exact, to-the-day date. DATEASSESSMENT is included so researchers can calculate items such as 'age at assessment' as required. DATEDEFINITION allows you to explain the source/nature of the date.
DATEDEFINITION Source of date A brief explanation of DATEASSESSMENT, stating what the date refers to. This is a free text field so values may vary Text "Date that assessment results were confirmed by exam board" "Date of first sitting"
"Date of resit sitting"
"Date of first day of multi-day assessment"
EXAMPASSMARK Exam pass mark/cut score Pass mark for this sitting of this assessment. This is included to allow calculation of score relative to pass mark. Number "76" Essential Where pass mark and related scores are a percentage, please provide as a number out of 100, rather than a decimal value out of 1.
Some assessments may have an inverse scale e.g. the pass mark is the maximum score possible before fail. In these cases, PASSMARK is the highest value a student can achieve and still pass.
If your school uses a Pass/Borderline/Fail marking method, please set EXAMPASSMARK as the value required for a borderline pass.
If a student can pass an assessment by being within standard error of the PASSMARK, please set PASSMARK as original pass mark minus std error.
MAXSCORE Maximum score possible Maximum possible score for this assessment. Number "144" Essential Where related scores are a percentage value, MAXSCORE should be '100'.
STATIONREQ Station pass/fail requirement to pass overall assessment (clinical exams only) Only applicable to some clinical exams. Number of station passes required to pass exam, OR maximum number of fails permitted (details of which should be included in ASSESSMENT table (in SCORETYPE data item) Number "4" Essential - if applicable Most schools that use a station requirement use minimum number of passes. In this case, STATIONREQ is the lowest value a student can achieve and still pass
Some schools use maximum number of fails. In this case, STATIONREQ is the highest value a student can achieve and still pass
Please state in ASSESSMENT table (column TOTALSCOREMETHOD) whether STATIONREQ uses 'minimum-pass' or 'maximum-fail' method

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