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Unistats record 2023/24

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Unistats record 2023/24 - Introduction

Version 1.0 Produced 2023-02-22

The Unistats record has been collected since 2012/13 from Higher Education Providers (HEPs) and Further Education Colleges (FECs).

Further policy information can be found on the OfS website.

Purpose of the Unistats record

The Unistats record is collected to help prospective higher education students make a decision about what and where to study. The record covers undergraduate courses that are open to entrants in the next academic year. Full details can be found in the coverage statement on the coding manual.

What data is collected?

The Unistats record collects data about full and part-time undergraduate courses which are open to entrants in the next academic year. This is then joined to other datasets, such as National Student Survey and Graduate Outcomes, to generate a range of course information. This is published by HESA as open data and included on the Discover Uni website. The detail of the different items collected can be found in the data items document located on the coding manual.

How is the data collected?

The Unistats data is collected prospectively, being submitted in May-August on courses which will be commencing in the following academic year. For example, the 2023/24 (C23061) record included courses beginning in the 2024/25 academic year. Providers submit data to HESA through the Data Collection System. FECs who previously submitted data to OfS through the Extranet are now required to submit data directly to HESA.

The Unistats collection allows providers to resubmit their data at any point during the collection. Providers are required to update their data submissions throughout the year if their course offering changes. Information submitted to HESA in this way will be included in weekly updates to the open data and the Discover Uni website.

Need help?

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