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Subject to Qualification Codes Mapping

The Subject to Qualification Codes Mapping Tool shows the relationship between an ABL qualification (QUALTYPEID) and subjects (SUBJECTID) for which that qualification is valid, it also shows the grades (ENTRYQUALAWARDRESULT) and associated tariff points for a qualification.

How to use the Subject to Qualification Codes Mapping Tool

The Subject to Qualification Codes Mapping Tool can use used to either search for a qualification or to search for a subject by clicking on the appropriate button. In both cases a search term can be entered for either a code or label and all records matching the search term will be returned up to a limit of 500 records (the search is not case sensitive).

  • Click on a column heading to sort the results based upon the data in that column.
  • Click on a record in the results table to display the grades and tariff points associated with the qualification in the record. (Click on the record again to use the 'Hide grade / tariff points' button below the grade / tariff table to hide the grade / tariff data.
  • Click the 'download current selection to CSV' button to export the results currently displayed to a .csv file (the order of the records in the .csv file will be the same as displayed on the screen).

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