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Data Futures: new model, new system, new collection

The Student - Data Futures 22056 reporting year is now live (1 August 2022 onwards) when providers start collecting data using the Data Futures 22056 data model for submission to the HESA Data Platform (HDP).

We have launched the Data Futures monthly newsletter to regularly communicate updates, milestones and useful content: 

  • Programme timeline, upcoming key dates and readiness requirements.
  • Updates on the Beta phase.
  • The latest e-learning.
  • Insights into the work of the programme: high-level overviews and deep dives.

Data Futures operational updates will still be included in the HESA weekly update.

The HESA Data Futures monthly update is available to anybody interested in Data Futures.

You can opt in to receive the newsletter via the form linked below, and you can change your preferences at any time.

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