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Coding manuals: Issues with links

The launch of our new website has introduced some errors in how links are handled in the coding manuals.

Several of our manuals use clever links to assist navigation. For example, we might have a link in the form collection/manual:{yy-1}061,a/assurlw. The 'yy-1' here should direct your browser to the previous year's coding manual ('yy' represents the current year, from which we subtract one). As C16061 is the currently active KIS manual, this link should take you to collection/c15061/a/assurlw.

Our web team are working to replicate this functionality, but in the meantime these links will not work. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. You may be able to manually recreate the link by interpreting the abbreviated format; otherwise, you can go to the coding manuals homepage to navigate to the content you need. 

If you have any problems finding information, please contact out Liaison team.

To report issues with the website, please contact our Communications team.