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The XSD (HDPStudent2.xsd) defines the order that elements must appear within submitted files. This is different to the order that they are presented within the Data Dictionary.

Course delivery :

Engagement :

Financial support scheme :

Leaver :

Module :

Module delivery :

Qualification :

Student :
Student identifier (SID)
Birthdate (BIRTHDTE)
First names (FNAMES)
Previous surname (PREVSURNAME)
Sex identifier (SEXID)
Surname (SURNAME)
Surname at 16 (SNAME16)

Care leaver :

Carer :

Contact purpose :

Dependant :

Disability :

Entry qualification award :

Ethnicity :

Gender identity :

Language proficiency :

Marital status :

National identity :

Nationality :

Parental education :

Person identifier :

Religion :

Religious background :

Service leaver :

Sexual orientation :

Socio economic classification :

Standard occupational classification :

Student course session :
Student course session identifier (SCSESSIONID)
Course session identifier (COURSESESSIONID)
Engagement number (NUMHUS)
Intercalation (INTERCALATE)
Intended thesis title (INTENDEDTHESISTITLE)
Student registration number (NUMREG)
PhD submission date (PHDSUB)
Predicted full time equivalence (PREDICTEDFTE)
Reason for Student course session ending (RSNSCSEND)
Student course session end date (SCSENDDATE)
Student course session start date (SCSSTARTDATE)
Student identifier (SID)
Student load (STULOAD)
Z: Apprenticeship marker (Z_ApprenticeshipMarker)
Z: Student course session end date (Z_SCSEndDate)
Z: Student course session start date (Z_SCSStartDate)

Fee invoice amount :

Full time equivalence :

Funding and monitoring :

Funding body :

Module instance :

Off venue activity :

Session status :

Student accreditation aim :

Student course session mode :

Student fee :

Student module fee :

Study location :

Supervisor allocation :

Student financial support :

Student registration :

Venue :

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