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Student (Student)

Student identifier (SID) Birthdate (BIRTHDTE) Carer (CARER) Dependant (DEPENDANT) Ethnicity (ETHNIC) First names (FNAMES) Gender identity (GENDERID) Language preference (LANGPREF) Nationality (NATION) Own student identifier (OWNSTU) Religion (RELIGION) Scottish candidate number (SCN) Service leaver (SERLEAVE) Service student (SERSTU) Sex identifier (SEXID) Sexual orientation (SEXORT) Surname at 16 (SNAME16) Student support number (SSN) Surname (SURNAME) Term time accommodation type (TTACCOM) Term time postcode (TTPCODE) UCAS personal identifier (UCASPERID) Unique learner number (ULN)

Disability (Disability)

Engagement (Engagement)

Engagement number (NUMHUS) School direct employing school (EMPLOYINGSCHOOL) Engagement start date (ENGSTARTDATE) ITT entry route (ENTRYRTE) Expected end date (EXPECTEDENDDATE) Fee eligibility (FEEELIG) Fee status (FEESTATUS) Incoming exchange (INCOMINGEXCHANGE) Lead school (LEADSCHOOL) NHS employer (NHSEMP) Own Engagement identifier (OWNENGID) Qualified teacher status (QTS) Research council student (RCSTDNT) Research council student identifier (RCSTDID) Study intention (STUDYINTENTION) Teacher reference number (TRN)

Collaborative provision (CollaborativeProvision)

Entry Profile (EntryProfile)

Leaver (Leaver)

Qualification awarded (QualificationAwarded)

Student accreditation aim (StudentAccreditationAim)

Student course session (StudentCourseSession)

Student course session identifier (SCSESSIONID) Course identifier (COURSEID) Employer fees (EMPFEES) Expected end date (EXPECTEDENDDATE) Fee method (FEEMETHOD) Intended thesis title (INTENDEDTHESISTITLE) Intercalation (INTERCALATION) Invoice fee amount (INVOICEFEEAMOUNT) Invoice HESA identifier (INVOICEHESAID) PGR language identifier (PGRLANGID) PGR language percentage (PGRLANGPCNT) PhD submission date (PHDSUB) Placement (PLACEMENT) Predicted student load (PREDICTEDSTULOAD) Preparatory Student course session flag (PREPFLAG) Reason for Student course session ending (RSNSCSEND) Student course session end date (SCSENDDATE) Student course session fee amount (SCSFEEAMOUNT) Student course session mode (SCSMODE) Student course session start date (SCSSTARTDATE) Session year identifier (SESSIONYEARID) Study abroad (STUDYABROAD) Student load (STULOAD) Programme year (YEARPRG)

Funding and monitoring (FundingAndMonitoring)

Funding body (FundingBody)

Module instance (ModuleInstance)

Off venue activity (OffVenueActivity)

Reference period student load (ReferencePeriodStudentLoad)

Session status (SessionStatus)

Student financial support (StudentFinancialSupport)

Study location (StudyLocation)

Supervisor allocation (SupervisorAllocation)

Student initiatives (StudentInitiatives)

Language proficiency (LanguageProficiency)

National identity (NationalIdentity)

Venue (Venue)

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