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Initiative identifier (INITIATIVEID)

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Key Value
Name Initiative identifier
Part of Course initiative (CourseInitiative)
Description This field identifies the specific scheme associated with the Course.
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All CourseInitiative entities.

001 Abridged ITT course (England only)

001 'Abridged ITT course', is to be used where a student is taking a course that has been shortened, but that is not classed as the Assessment Only Route.

This valid entry should only be used for School Direct Salaried students (Course.TTCID = 01 and Engagement.ENTRYRTE = 03).

003 Engineering conversion course pilot scheme (England only)

003 should be used to identify students at providers in England who are participating on an Engineering conversion course pilot scheme.

004 Higher/Degree Apprenticeship

004 A Higher/Degree Apprenticeship incorporates a work-based learning programme and leads to a nationally recognised qualification at NVQ levels 4, 5, 6 or 7 or equivalent. This is used to identify Courses in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland that include study component(s) of a Higher Apprenticeship Framework or Standard.

For more information about Higher Apprenticeships in England, see

For more information about Higher Apprenticeships in Wales, see

For more information on Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland, see

006 Q-Step

Funded by the Nuffield Foundation, ESRC and Office for Students, Q-Step has been developed as a strategic response to the shortage of quantitatively-skilled social science graduates. Students who are enrolled on programmes that are funded as part of the Q-Step programme, or derive a benefit from an activity that is funded (e.g., training, work placements), should be flagged using valid entry 006 'Q-Step'.

020 HEFCW-funded degree apprenticeship scheme (Wales only)

This valid entry should be returned where Courses are part of the HEFCW-funded degree apprenticeship scheme that started in 2019/20. This is being used to monitor uptake of the scheme, characteristics of students on the scheme and funding and delivery.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? No
Reason required To enable monitoring of specific schemes of importance to HESA's Statutory and public purpose customers.
Field Length 3
Revision History
Coding Manual Version Element Version Notes
1.2.0 1.0.1 Guidance added to clarify when valid entry 001 can be returned, guidance added to indicate where valid entries can only be returned by providers in certain regions of the UK.
Valid Values
Code Label
001 Abridged ITT course
003 Engineering conversion course pilot scheme
004 Higher/Degree Apprenticeship
006 Q-Step
020 HEFCW funded degree apprenticeship scheme

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