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Course role (CourseRole)

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Key Value
Name Course role
Short Name CourseRole
Version 1.7.0
Description This entity describes the roles that organisations have in the associated Course.
Uniquely Identified by

Each Course role (CourseRole) is uniquely identified by:

Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All Courses

This entity records the organisations (CourseRole.HESAID) that play a particular role (CourseRole.ROLETYPE) in the associated Course.

Delivery organisations (all providers)

For all providers, this entity records the organisation(s) involved in the delivery of teaching or supervision of research of the Course, including associated proportions. This information should reflect the entirety of the Course and should take into account franchise Modules. The proportions of different organisations may be dependent on student Module choice. In these cases, the proportions returned should be based on the most common choices from students in previous years or the expected pathways for new Courses.

For example, a four-year course will have the first year delivered by Provider A and the remaininng 3 years delivered by provider B.

The CourseRole entity would be returned twice:

FieldCourseRole 1CourseRole 2
CourseRole.HESAIDProvider A's UKPRNProvider B's UKPRN

If the provider doing the majority of the teaching or supervision of researchchanges, or there is a new teaching partner, a new Course would be required to be submitted and students associated with the appropriate version.

Funders (providers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales)

For providers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, this entity additionally records the organisation(s) that fund the Course, including associated proportions. The element of the Course that is funded by the tuition fee should not be taken into account. If the Course is wholly funded by tuition fees, no funders should be returned.

For example, a Course is funded 50% by tuition fees, 25% by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and 25% by the EU Commission (EC)

The CourseRole entity would be returned twice and the tuition fee element would not be taken into account:

FieldCourseRole 1CourseRole 2

If the funders change, a new Course is not required to be returned, the CourseRole information must be updated to reflect the new funding arrangements.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Reason Required To allow the Office for Students to attribute students to a named delivery organisation for the purposes of reporting on 'teaching provider' consistently (regardless of whether the student falls within an entry, continuing or qualifying cohort). This is used in Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF) metrics, NSS results and other sources of student information (DiscoverUni), regional analysis, and analysis of student outcomes used to evidence providers' compliance with registration conditions concerned with quality and standards. To allow monitoring of the sources of funding for Courses in order to understand the extent to which various bodies are supporting students for providers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Minimum Occurrences 1
Maximum Occurrences unbounded
Field Field Length Optional?
HESA identifier (HESAID) 8 No
Role type (ROLETYPE) 3 No
Course role proportion (CRPROPORTION) 4 No
Parent Entity Course (Course)
Revision History
Coding Manual Version Element Version Notes
1.2.0 1.1.0 Guidance amended to say that if the funding arrangements for a Course change, a new Course is not required.
1.2.0 1.1.0 Recording delivery organisations is now required for all providers, not just providers in England. Guidance and coverage have been udpated to reflect this. The relationship between the Course and CourseRole entities has been updated as each Course must have at least one CourseRole. Minimum occurrences for CourseRole has been updated to 1.

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