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Disability type

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This field records the type of Disability that a Student has, on the basis of the Student's own self-assessment

Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All Disability entities

Valid entries and labels
CodeLabelIs Disability?
00No known disabilityFalse
09Three or more impairments and/or disabling medical conditionsTrue
51A specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or AD(H)DTrue
53A social/communication impairment such as Asperger's syndrome/other autistic spectrum disorderTrue
54A long standing illness or health condition such as cancer, HIV, diabetes, chronic heart disease, or epilepsyTrue
55A mental health condition, such as depression, schizophrenia or anxiety disorderTrue
56A physical impairment or mobility issues, such as difficulty using arms or using a wheelchair or crutchesTrue
57Deaf or a serious hearing impairmentTrue
58Blind or a serious visual impairment uncorrected by glassesTrue
96A disability, impairment or medical condition that is not listedTrue
98Information refusedFalse
99Not availableFalse

This data must be updated throughout a Student's Engagement where applicable.

Since it is possible for a student to have more than one disability there may be more than one disability entity per Student in a provider's return. A Provider can return up to two concurrent disabilities, where three or more exist a single entity is required with a code of 09.

99 must be returned where the data is not known by the provider.

Quality rules
Quality rules to follow
Reason required

To permit disability-based analysis; for monitoring levels and trends in participation by particular groups of people; to monitor take-up of Disabled Students' Allowance as Disabled Students' Allowance is now not means tested; to support the allocation for disability premium; to permit analysis based on type of disability

Part of Disability
Field length 2
Revision history
1.0.1Guidance updated to clarify how a provider should treat data that is not yet known.
1.0.2Guidance updated to clarify the return of unknown values.
1.1.0Guidance added regarding the return of this field. Valid entry 08 replaced with 09.
1.2.0The datatype for the field has been updated from VARCHAR to NVARCHAR.

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