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School direct employing school (EMPLOYINGSCHOOL)

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Key Value
Name School direct employing school
Part of Engagement (Engagement)
Description This field collects the employing school for School Direct salaried or postgraduate teaching apprenticeship trainees.
Applicable to England
Coverage All Engagements in England where Engagement.ENTRYRTE = 03 or 10

This field should show the Unique Reference number for the employing school as shown on the Get information about schools website.

All School Direct salaried trainees and those on the postgraduate teaching apprenticeship route should be associated with an employing school.

In some cases, for example where students are self-funded, they may not be associated with an employing school. In these cases, Not applicable/Not available must be returned.

Where the employing school does not have a URN, the generic codes should be used.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? Yes
Reason required All School Direct Salaried trainees should be associated with an employing school for the purposes of calculating funding in terms of their Salary Grant.
Field Length 6
Valid Values
Code Label
900000 Establishment outside England and Wales
900010 Not applicable/not available

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