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Expected end date (EXPECTEDENDDATE)

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Key Value
Name Expected end date
Part of Engagement (Engagement)
Description This field records the expected end date for the Engagement
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All Engagements where Engagement.INCOMINGEXCHANGE does not exist and there is a defined normal length for the programme of study

For taught students, this should include any planned assessment periods but not retakes.

For research students where the programme includes a planned writing up period, this should be included in the expected period of study.

This field does not need to be returned where there is not a defined normal length for the programme of study, for example fully flexible courses (Course.FULLYFLEX = 01).

This field must be updated where there are any changes to the expected end date of the Engagement. Examples will include but are not limited to:

  • Students transferring between courses with different expected end dates

  • Students deciding to take or not take a sandwich placement

  • Students taking an agreed break in learning

  • Students needing to resit part of their course

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? Yes
Reason required To allow a forecast of when an Engagement is expected to end and compare this to the actual end date, to assist in calculating the NSS population.
Field Length 10 (in the format YYYY-MM-DD)

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