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Study intention (STUDYINTENTION)

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Key Value
Name Study intention
Part of Engagement (Engagement)
Description This field records the study intention for the Engagement where the information in Qualification.QUALCAT is not sufficient.
Applicable to England
Coverage All Engagements where Qualification.QUALCAT = L0000.

Where the student is studying a research based higher degree at level L (Qualification.QUALCAT = L0000), this field records if the students intention is to ultimately study at level D or L.

This field should be completed with the students intention at the start of the Engagement and should not be updated unless the information was previously unknown and becomes known.

It is common for students to follow a 1+3 pattern to their study, where the first year is a research masters level and then a 3-year PhD. However the student is often intending to study the PhD from the outset, so it forms one coherent engagement of study.

In this example providers should return the following:

  • Year 1: QUALCAT = L0000, STUDYINTENTION = D0003

  • Year 2-4: QUALCAT = D0003

9999 Not available should be returned where the student has not given an indication of their final intentions and so the information is unknown.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? Yes
Reason required To allow analysis of student's actual study patterns compared to their initial intentions. It is common practice in UK higher education for research students to initially be registered on research masters programme with the intention to transfer to a doctoral programme. This field would allow the student's intention to be recorded.
Field Length 5
Valid Values
Code Label
99999 Not available
D0003 Doctorate degree that meets the criteria for a research-based higher degree
L0000 Masters degree that meets the criteria for a research-based higher degree

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