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Entry Profile (EntryProfile)

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Key Value
Name Entry Profile
Short Name EntryProfile
Version 1.7.0
Description This entity records information that relates to the student as at the start of their Engagement.
Uniquely Identified by

Each Entry Profile (EntryProfile) is uniquely identified by:

  • Engagement number (NUMHUS)
  • Student identifier (SID)
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All Engagements

This entity records information about students at the start of their Engagement. The fields within this entity should therefore not be updated based on any changes that happen during an Engagement as only the position on entry is recorded.

The EntryProfile must be returned in the first reference period in which an Engagement is returned. It does not need to be returned in subsequent reference periods however the EntryProfile can be included in subsequent reference periods if providers wish to include this is their file.

If the EntryProfile is returned again, all the EntryProfile information must be returned, including all EntryQualificationAwards. Any data that is missing from the EntryProfile when returned again will be viewed as a correction to previously incorrect data and the information will no longer be associated with the student.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Reason Required This entity is defined to hold those fields that describe the situation at the beginning of the Engagement.
Minimum Occurrences 0
Maximum Occurrences 1
Field Field Length Optional?
Access programme (ACCESSPRG) 2 Yes
APEL credits (APELCRD) 2 Yes
Care leaver (CARELEAVER) 2 Yes
Credits points counted towards study (CRDPTSTU) 3 Yes
Credit scheme (CRDSCM) 2 Yes
Dependant (DEPENDANT) 2 Yes
Estranged student (ESTRANGED) 2 Yes
Highest qualification on entry (HIGHESTQOE) 5 Yes
Marital status (MARSTAT) 2 Yes
Parental education (PARED) 2 Yes
Country of permanent address (PERMADDCOUNTRY) 2 No
Postcode of permanent home address (PERMADDPOSTCODE) 8 Yes
Previous provider (PREVIOUSPROVIDER) 8 Yes
Religious background (RELIGIOUSBGROUND) 2 Yes
Socio economic classification (SEC) 2 Yes
Standard occupational classification 2010 (SOC2010) 4 Yes
UCAS scheme code (UCASSCHEMECODE) 4 Yes
Year left last provider (YRLLPROV) 4 Yes
Parent Entity Engagement (Engagement)
Child Entities
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