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Access programme (ACCESSPRG)

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Key Value
Name Access programme
Short name ACCESSPRG
Part of Entry Profile (EntryProfile)
Description This field records whether entrants have entered HE via SWAP courses.
Applicable to Scotland
Coverage All EntryProfiles at providers in Scotland where EntryProfile.HIGHESTQOE = X0000 or X0001

This data is required on entry to the student's Engagement and should be returned to reflect the position when the first StudentCourseSession associated with the Engagement begins.

The Scottish Wider Access Programme plays an important role in getting adult returners into higher education.The majority of Scottish Access Programmes are run under the auspices of the Scottish Wider Access Programme (SWAP) and Continuing Education Departments in Scottish HEPs.

This field must be completed for articulating students in Scotland to indicate whether they entered Higher Education via the SWAP.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? Yes
Reason required To monitor the success of SWAP.
Field Length 2
Valid Values
Code Label
01 Entered HE via the SWAP
02 Entered HE via other access programme excluding SWAP
03 New Label

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