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Marital status (MARSTAT)

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Key Value
Name Marital status
Short name MARSTAT
Part of Entry Profile (EntryProfile)
Description This field records the marital status of the Student.
Applicable to Northern Ireland
Coverage All Students at providers in Northern Ireland where EntryProfile.PERMADDCOUNTRY = XG where Engagement.INCOMINGEXCHANGE does not exist.

Must not be returned for Students outside of the stated coverage.

This data is required at entry to a student's engagement and is not required to be maintained throughout a student's Engagement.

99 must be returned where the data is not known by the provider.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? Yes
Reason required To comply with Northern Ireland statutory Equal Opportunities monitoring.
Field Length 2
Valid Values
Code Label
10 Single (never married or never in a civil partnership)
11 Married
12 In a civil partnership
13 Separated but still legally married or in a civil partnership
14 Divorced or civil partnership dissolved
15 Widowed or a surviving partner from a civil partnership
16 Co-habiting
98 Information refused
99 Not available

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