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Parental education (PARED)

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Key Value
Name Parental education
Short name PARED
Part of Entry Profile (EntryProfile)
Description This field records information about whether an Student's parents have higher education qualifications.
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All EntryProfiles at providers in England where (FundingBody.FUNDINGBODY = Office for Students or Department for Education) and (Qualification.QUALCAT has a HESA level of H, I, J or C or is M0002, M0016 or M0018 excluding H0009 and H0010) and Engagement.INCOMINGEXCHANGE does not exist and the first Engagement.ENGSTARTDATE for the Engagement is after 2013-07-31.

All EntryProfiles at providers in Wales where (EntryProfile.PERADDCOUNTRY = XF, XG, XH, XI, XK, XL, GG, JE or IM) and (Qualification.QUALCAT with H, I, J or C or is M0002).

All EntryProfiles at providers in Northern Ireland where EntryProfile.PERADDCOUNTRY = XF, XG, XH, XI, XK, XL, GG, JE or IM.

All EntryProfiles at providers in Scotland where (EntryProfile.PERMADDCOUNTRY=XF, XG, XH, XI, XK, XL, GG, JE or IM) and (Qualification.QUALCAT equals M0002, H0003, H0004, H0005, I0001, J0000, J0001, J0002, J0003, C0000, C0001) and StudentCourseSession.INTERCALATION does not equal 01 and Engagement.INCOMINGEXCHANGE does not exist.

This data is required at entry to a student's engagement and is not required to be maintained throughout a student's Engagement.

Currently this question is asked on the UCAS application form and the data for UCAS entrants is provided to providers by UCAS. Providers will still need to collect this information directly from relevant non-UCAS entrants.

Suggested question:

The following question is about your parents' level of education. This includes natural parents, adoptive parents, step-parents or guardians who have brought you up.

Do any of your parents (as defined above) have any higher education qualifications, such as a degree, diploma or certificate of higher education?

97 would be returned where the Student has indicated that they do not know the information.

99 must be returned where the data is not known by the provider.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? Yes
Reason required This data will allow monitoring of another aspect of widening participation and may be used for the production of performance indicators.
Field Length 2
Revision History
Coding Manual Version Element Version Notes
1.7.0 1.0.1 Coverage updated to add XK to the list of DOMICILEs where this field is required for providers in Northern Ireland and Wales to align with the current Student collection
Valid Values
Code Label
01 Yes
02 No
97 Not known
99 Not available
98 Information refused

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