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Year left last provider (YRLLPROV)

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Key Value
Name Year left last provider
Short name YRLLPROV
Part of Entry Profile (EntryProfile)
Description This field records the year in which the student left the previous provider.
Applicable to Scotland
Coverage All EntryProfiles at providers in Scotland where StudentInitiatives.INITIATIVEID=016.

This data is required on entry to the student's Engagement and should be returned to reflect the position when the first StudentCourseSession associated with the Engagement begins.

This field records the date when the student left the provider indicated in the EntryProfile.PREVIOUSPROVIDER

Where the student is in coverage for this field but the year is not available, 9999 should be returned.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? Yes
Reason required This information is used by the Scottish Government in projections and planning for the sector and analysis of trends in the take-up of higher education. Knowing the year left last provider helps with the matching of students to their previous study details at another provider. Information about articulating students is required by the Scottish Government who wish to compare educational outcomes for those students moving without a gap into a course at a HEP and those who have left a gap of a year or more.
Field Length 4

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