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Subject identifier (SUBJECTID)

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Key Value
Name Subject identifier
Short name SUBJECTID
Part of Entry qualification subject (EntryQualificationSubject)
Description This field holds the subject associated with the Entry qualification award. This will be a UCAS subject code for level 3 qualification and a HECoS code for HE level qualifications.
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All EntryQualificationSubject entities.

This field collects the subject associated with the qualification in the associated EntryQualificationAward.QUALTYPEID.

Level three qualifications

For level three tariff bearing qualifications the valid entries are provided by UCAS and will be made available to providers who use UCAS through the *J transaction. Providers in England who do not use UCAS will need to use the same coding frame for their students' qualifications.

Providers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are encouraged to provide this information for students who did not enter via UCAS where it is available.

Teacher training students

The HE level valid entries are required for teacher training students where their undergraduate degree information is being reported.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? No
Reason required To monitor entry qualifications by subjects, to compare entry qualification subjects to subjects studied.
Field Length 6
Valid Values
Code Label
100003 ceramics
100005 clinical engineering
100033 metallurgy
100035 musical theatre
100036 optometry
100037 orthoptics
100038 pathobiology
100046 creative writing
100048 design
100050 product design
100051 textile design
100052 ergonomics
100054 fashion
100055 fashion design
100057 animation
100058 film studies
100059 fine art
100060 graphic arts
100061 graphic design
100062 illustration
100063 photography
100065 liberal arts
100067 acting
100068 dance
100069 drama
100070 music
100071 performing arts
100074 advertising
100075 marketing
100076 public relations
100078 business and management
100079 business studies
100080 international business
100083 event management
100084 hospitality management
100085 human resource management
100087 international hospitality management
100088 leadership
100089 management studies
100090 public administration
100091 public services
100092 retail management
100093 logistics
100095 sports coaching
100096 sports development
100097 sports management
100098 sports studies
100100 tourism management
100101 travel and tourism
100102 travel management
100104 accountancy
100105 accounting
100106 actuarial science
100107 finance
100109 clothing production
100110 footwear production
100114 aeronautical engineering
100115 aerospace engineering
100116 space technology
100117 avionics
100118 satellite engineering
100120 architectural engineering
100121 architectural technology
100122 architecture
100124 landscape architecture and design
100126 biomechanics
100127 biomedical engineering
100128 dental technology
100129 diagnostic imaging
100130 prosthetics and orthotics
100131 radiology
100132 therapeutic imaging
100134 biotechnology
100135 bioprocessing
100136 environmental biotechnology
100137 industrial biotechnology
100138 medical biotechnology
100139 plant biotechnology
100141 biochemical engineering
100143 chemical engineering
100144 pharmaceutical engineering
100145 polymer science and technology
100147 building services engineering
100148 civil engineering
100149 construction
100150 construction and the built environment
100151 construction management
100152 offshore engineering
100153 structural engineering
100154 transport engineering
100155 minerals technology
100156 highways engineering
100157 railway engineering
100159 telecommunications engineering
100160 computer aided engineering
100162 computer systems engineering
100163 electrical and electronic engineering
100164 electrical engineering
100165 electronic engineering
100166 control systems
100168 microelectronic engineering
100169 optoelectronic engineering
100170 mechatronics and robotics
100172 nuclear engineering
100175 energy engineering
100176 gas engineering
100177 microwave engineering
100178 petroleum engineering
100180 environmental engineering
100182 engineering design
100183 fire safety engineering
100184 general or integrated engineering
100185 safety engineering
100186 emergency and disaster technologies
100188 systems engineering
100190 mechanical engineering
100192 electromechanical engineering
100193 maintenance engineering
100194 marine technology
100196 housing
100197 planning
100198 transport planning
100199 urban and regional planning
100201 automotive engineering
100202 manufacturing engineering
100203 materials engineering
100204 mining engineering
100205 motorcycle engineering
100206 motorsport engineering
100207 naval architecture
100209 production and manufacturing engineering
100210 leather technology
100211 fabrication
100212 minerals processing
100213 quality management
100214 textiles technology
100216 building surveying
100217 quantity surveying
100218 real estate
100219 surveying
100221 music technology
100222 audio technology
100223 music production
100225 materials science
100229 aviation studies
100230 navigation
100233 acupuncture
100234 alternative medicines and therapies
100235 aromatherapy
100236 Chinese medical techniques
100237 herbal medicine
100239 reflexology
100241 chiropractic
100242 complementary medicines and therapies
100243 osteopathy
100246 health sciences
100247 nutrition
100248 occupational health
100249 occupational therapy
100250 pharmacology
100251 pharmacy
100252 physiotherapy
100253 podiatry
100254 psychotherapy
100255 speech and language therapy
100257 audiology
100258 clinical physiology
100259 genetics
100260 healthcare science
100261 ophthalmology
100262 physiology
100264 anatomy
100265 biomedical sciences
100266 clinical dentistry
100267 clinical medicine
100268 dentistry
100270 medical sciences
100271 medicine
100272 neuroscience
100273 operating department practice
100274 pathology
100275 pre-clinical dentistry
100276 pre-clinical medicine
100277 toxicology
100279 adult nursing
100280 children's nursing
100281 community nursing
100282 critical care nursing
100283 dental nursing
100284 emergency nursing
100285 general practice nursing
100286 learning disabilities nursing
100287 mental health nursing
100288 midwifery
100289 neonatal nursing
100290 nursing
100291 older people nursing
100292 palliative care nursing
100293 school nursing
100294 theatre nursing
100295 health visiting
100298 ancient history
100299 archaeology
100300 classical studies
100301 economic history
100302 history
100306 history of art
100307 history of science
100308 local history
100309 medieval history
100310 modern history
100311 Scottish history
100312 social history
100314 humanities
100316 American studies
100317 British Sign Language studies
100318 English language
100319 English literature
100320 English studies
100321 French language
100322 French studies
100323 German language
100324 German studies
100325 Spanish studies
100326 Italian language
100327 Italian studies
100328 linguistics
100329 modern languages
100330 Russian languages
100331 Russian and East European studies
100332 Spanish language
100333 Welsh language
100335 Welsh studies
100337 philosophy
100338 philosophy of science
100339 religious studies
100340 theology
100343 applied biology
100344 biochemistry
100345 biological sciences
100346 biology
100347 ecology
100348 environmental biology
100350 human biology
100351 marine biology
100352 medical biochemistry
100353 microbiology
100354 molecular biology
100355 plant sciences
100356 zoology
100358 applied computing
100359 artificial intelligence
100360 business computing
100361 business information systems
100362 business information technology
100363 computer animation and visual effects
100365 computer networks
100366 computer science
100367 computing and information technology
100368 creative computing
100369 geographical information systems
100370 information management
100371 information systems
100372 information technology
100373 internet technologies
100374 software engineering
100375 web and multimedia design
100376 computer and information security
100379 climate science
100380 environmental geoscience
100381 environmental sciences
100382 meteorology
100384 archaeological sciences
100385 computer forensics
100386 forensic biology
100387 forensic psychology
100388 forensic science
100390 general science
100391 natural sciences
100392 applied science
100394 earth sciences
100395 geology
100396 geophysics
100398 palaeontology
100400 applied mathematics
100401 financial mathematics
100402 mathematical modelling
100403 mathematics
100404 operational research
100405 pure mathematics
100406 statistics
100408 environmental geography
100409 geography
100410 physical geography
100413 analytical chemistry
100414 astronomy
100415 astrophysics
100416 chemical physics
100417 chemistry
100418 marine sciences
100419 medical physics
100420 medicinal chemistry
100421 ocean sciences
100422 organic chemistry
100423 pharmaceutical chemistry
100424 physical sciences
100425 physics
100426 theoretical physics
100427 acoustics
100428 aerodynamics
100429 dynamics
100430 mechanics
100431 thermodynamics
100433 sport and exercise sciences
100436 anthropology
100437 social anthropology
100439 broadcast journalism
100440 digital media
100441 film production
100442 journalism
100443 media production
100444 media and communication studies
100445 multimedia journalism
100449 business economics
100450 economics
100451 financial economics
100452 international economics
100454 adult education
100455 childhood and youth studies
100456 childhood studies
100457 early childhood studies
100459 education studies
100460 further education
100461 higher education
100462 learning support
100463 early years education
100464 primary education
100465 secondary education
100466 youth and community work
100468 countryside management
100469 environmental management
100471 social sciences
100473 health studies
100475 sports therapy
100476 health and social care
100478 human geography
100482 business law
100483 criminal justice
100484 criminology
100485 law
100486 policing
100488 international development
100489 international politics
100490 international relations
100491 politics
100493 applied psychology
100494 clinical psychology
100495 counselling
100496 educational psychology
100497 psychology
100498 social psychology
100499 sport and exercise psychology
100501 social care
100502 social policy
100503 social work
100505 sociology
100507 adult education teaching
100508 post compulsory education and training
100509 higher education teaching
100510 early years teaching
100511 primary teaching
100512 secondary teaching
100513 teaching English as a foreign language
100516 agricultural sciences
100517 agriculture
100518 animal management
100519 equine studies
100520 forestry and arboriculture
100522 animal behaviour
100523 animal science
100526 food and beverage production
100527 food science
100529 horticulture
100531 veterinary medicine
100532 veterinary nursing
100539 broadcast engineering
100540 cellular pathology
100544 marine engineering
100545 corrosion technology
100546 digital circuit engineering
100548 engineering surveying
100549 environmental impact assessment
100550 gemmology
100551 geotechnical engineering
100553 integrated circuit design
100560 musical instrument manufacture
100564 aerospace propulsion systems
100565 public health engineering
100566 quarrying
100568 ship design
100572 tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
100573 water quality control
100577 fluid mechanics
100579 structural mechanics
100580 acoustics and vibration
100581 electrical power
100583 architectural design
100584 building technology
100585 conservation of buildings
100586 property development
100587 drawing
100588 landscape studies
100589 painting
100590 garden design
100592 sculpture
100593 rural planning
100594 urban studies
100595 printmaking
100597 applied economics
100599 fine art conservation
100600 agricultural economics
100601 economic policy
100604 econometrics
100606 economic systems
100609 democracy
100610 UK government/parliamentary studies
100612 European Union politics
100616 strategic studies
100617 war and peace studies
100618 comparative politics
100619 applied sociology
100621 gender studies
100622 women's studies
100623 men's studies
100624 ethnicity
100625 disability studies
100626 religion in society
100627 socio-economics
100628 social theory
100629 political sociology
100630 typography
100631 sociology of science and technology
100632 visual communication
100633 furniture design and making
100636 interactive and electronic design
100637 musicianship and performance studies
100639 instrumental or vocal performance
100642 music education and teaching
100643 music and arts management
100644 music marketing
100645 international social policy
100647 public policy
100648 health policy
100649 welfare policy
100650 conducting
100651 education policy
100652 security policy
100653 health and welfare
100654 child care
100655 community work
100656 jazz performance
100657 popular music performance
100658 careers guidance
100659 community justice
100661 historical performance practice
100662 probation/after-care
100663 physical and biological anthropology
100664 history of music
100665 economic geography
100666 urban geography
100667 musicology
100668 political geography
100669 transport geography
100670 environmental history
100671 cultural geography
100674 ethnomusicology and world music
100676 English law
100677 Northern Irish law
100678 Scots law
100680 European Union law
100681 public international law
100683 comparative law
100684 public law
100685 criminal law
100686 private law
100689 property law
100690 torts
100691 jurisprudence
100692 legal practice
100693 medical law
100695 music composition
100697 directing for theatre
100698 theatre studies
100700 theatre production
100702 technical theatre studies
100703 stage management
100704 technical stage management
100705 theatrical wardrobe design
100706 hair and make-up
100707 circus arts
100708 stage design
100710 community theatre
100711 choreography
100712 dance performance
100714 history of photography
100716 cinematography
100717 visual and audio effects
100721 metal work
100724 glass crafts
100725 silversmithing and goldsmithing
100726 clock and watchmaking
100728 surface decoration
100729 scriptwriting
100730 poetry writing
100731 professional writing
100734 computer architectures
100735 operating systems
100736 human-computer interaction
100737 multimedia computing science
100738 e-business
100739 beauty therapy
100741 high performance computing
100743 systems thinking
100744 dietetics
100746 clinical practice nursing
100747 medical nursing
100748 cardiology
100749 paramedic science
100750 physician associate studies
100751 information modelling
100753 systems analysis and design
100754 databases
100755 data management
100756 systems auditing
100757 intelligent systems
100758 British history
100759 Irish history
100760 Welsh history
100761 English history
100762 European history
100763 German history
100764 Italian history
100765 Iberian studies
100766 Russian history
100767 American history
100768 USA history
100769 Latin American history
100771 Chinese history
100772 South Asian history
100773 South East Asian history
100774 Byzantine studies
100777 world history
100778 international history
100779 family history
100780 history of religions
100781 intellectual history
100782 history of architecture
100783 history of design
100784 history of mathematics
100785 history of medicine
100786 military history
100787 Egyptology
100791 mental philosophy
100792 social philosophy
100793 ethics
100794 theology and religious studies
100795 Christian studies
100796 Islamic studies
100797 Judaism
100798 buddhism
100799 divinity
100800 religious writings
100801 biblical studies
100802 pastoral studies
100803 comparative religious studies
100805 heritage studies
100807 heritage management
100808 European business studies
100810 strategic management
100811 creative management
100812 project management
100813 change management
100814 organisational development
100815 institutional management
100817 management and organisation of education
100819 land management
100820 property management
100821 requirements engineering
100822 cell biology
100823 emergency and disaster management
100825 property valuation and auctioneering
100826 parasitology
100827 banking
100828 investment
100829 behavioural biology
100830 insurance
100831 taxation
100832 financial management
100834 developmental biology
100835 financial risk
100836 management accountancy
100837 public accountancy
100838 book-keeping
100840 audit management
100841 popular music
100842 film music and screen music
100843 jazz
100844 sacred music
100845 financial reporting
100846 market research
100847 reproductive biology
100848 aquatic biology
100849 freshwater biology
100850 population biology
100851 sales management
100853 international marketing
100854 community music
100855 promotion and advertising
100856 corporate image
100858 evolution
100861 staff development
100862 sonic arts
100864 ecosystem ecology and land use
100865 biometry
100866 health and safety management
100867 electronic music
100868 office administration
100869 bioinformatics
100870 jazz composition
100872 mycology
100873 plant cell science
100874 plant pathology
100875 tourism
100880 applied zoology
100881 cell zoology
100882 entomology
100883 marine zoology
100884 pest management
100885 ballet
100886 contemporary dance
100887 moving image techniques
100888 film directing
100890 film and sound recording
100891 hospitality
100893 recreation and leisure studies
100894 spa management
100895 crafts
100896 salon management
100898 human genetics
100899 medical genetics
100900 molecular genetics
100901 genomics
100902 population genetics
100906 applied microbiology
100907 medical microbiology
100908 veterinary microbiology
100909 bacteriology
100910 virology
100911 immunology
100912 blood sciences
100913 librarianship
100914 curatorial studies
100915 archives and records management
100916 information services
100918 museum studies
100919 publicity studies
100920 television studies
100921 radio studies
100922 paper-based media studies
100923 television production
100924 radio production
100925 publishing
100926 electronic publishing
100927 online publishing
100932 plant biochemistry
100936 animal health
100937 animal physiology
100938 veterinary pathology
100939 veterinary pharmacology
100940 animal nutrition
100941 veterinary pharmacy
100942 veterinary public health
100945 crop protection
100946 crop nutrition
100947 crop production
100948 biomolecular science
100949 biophysical science
100950 occupational psychology
100952 developmental psychology
100953 child psychology
100954 business psychology
100956 programming
100958 psychology of ageing
100959 research methods in psychology
100960 object-oriented programming
100961 natural language processing
100962 research skills
100963 knowledge and information systems
100966 neural computing
100968 computer vision
100970 applied linguistics
100971 phonetics and phonology
100972 phonetics
100973 phonology
100974 livestock
100976 aquaculture
100977 rural estate management
100978 farm management
100979 game keeping management
100985 health psychology
100986 water resource management
100989 cognitive modelling
100990 land management for recreation
100992 machine learning
100993 cognitive psychology
100994 health informatics
100998 sustainable agriculture and landscape development
101001 international agriculture
101003 psychology of religion
101004 organic farming
101006 agricultural technology
101010 agricultural machinery
101013 timber engineering
101014 community forestry
101016 sociolinguistics
101017 food and beverage studies
101018 food safety
101019 computer games graphics
101020 computer games programming
101021 baking technology management
101022 brewing
101024 agricultural chemistry
101025 agricultural botany
101027 numerical analysis
101028 engineering and industrial mathematics
101029 computational mathematics
101030 applied statistics
101031 medical statistics
101032 probability
101033 stochastic processes
101034 statistical modelling
101035 psycholinguistics
101037 comparative literary studies
101038 applied chemistry
101040 risk management
101041 industrial chemistry
101042 colour chemistry
101043 inorganic chemistry
101044 crystallography
101045 environmental chemistry
101046 marine chemistry
101048 environmental risk
101049 health risk
101050 physical chemistry
101053 polymer chemistry
101054 oil and gas chemistry
101056 remote sensing
101058 mapping science
101060 applied physics
101061 engineering physics
101064 geomorphology
101065 maritime geography
101067 soil science
101068 atmospheric physics
101070 climate change
101071 computational physics
101072 pollution control
101073 hydrography
101074 radiation physics
101075 photonics and optical physics
101076 laser physics
101077 nuclear and particle physics
101078 applied environmental sciences
101079 hydrology
101081 volcanology
101082 geological hazards
101083 geochemistry
101084 exploration geophysics
101085 specialist teaching
101086 geological oceanography
101087 special needs teaching
101088 research and study skills in education
101089 hydrogeology
101090 study skills
101091 quaternary studies
101093 exploration geology
101094 English literature 1200 - 1700
101095 English literature 1700 - 1900
101102 space science
101103 planetary science
101104 applied geology
101105 petroleum geology
101106 engineering geology
101107 Shakespeare studies
101108 colonial and post-colonial literature
101109 English as a second language
101111 Scottish literature
101112 ancient Middle Eastern languages
101113 ancient Egyptian studies
101114 classical Arabic
101115 Sanskrit studies
101117 ancient Hebrew language
101118 Celtic studies
101120 Gaelic language
101121 Irish language
101124 Latin studies
101125 Latin literature
101126 classical Greek studies
101129 classical reception
101130 translation studies
101132 French literature
101133 French society and culture
101134 German literature
101135 German society and culture
101136 Italian society and culture
101137 Italian literature
101138 Spanish society and culture
101139 Spanish literature
101141 Portuguese studies
101142 Portuguese language
101143 Brazilian studies
101144 Portuguese society and culture
101145 Scandinavian studies
101148 Swedish language
101149 Norwegian language
101150 Finnish language
101151 Russian studies
101152 Polish studies
101153 Polish language
101155 Czech language
101157 Russian literature
101158 Russian and East European society and culture
101159 European studies
101161 Dutch studies
101163 Welsh literature
101164 Chinese studies
101165 Chinese languages
101166 Chinese literature
101167 Chinese society and culture studies
101168 Japanese studies
101169 Japanese languages
101170 Japanese literature
101171 Japanese society and culture studies
101172 South Asian studies
101174 Hindi language
101175 Urdu language
101177 Bengali language
101179 Indian society and culture studies
101180 Asian studies
101184 African studies
101185 African languages
101188 African literature
101189 African society and culture studies
101190 modern Middle Eastern studies
101191 modern Middle Eastern languages
101192 Arabic languages
101193 Persian languages
101194 Israeli studies
101195 Turkish studies
101196 modern Middle Eastern literature
101197 modern Middle Eastern society and culture studies
101198 Arab society and culture studies
101199 Latin American studies
101201 Latin American literature
101202 Latin American society and culture studies
101203 North American literature studies
101204 North American society and culture studies
101205 Canadian studies
101206 Australasian studies
101207 Caribbean studies
101210 biomaterials
101212 Korean studies
101214 cinematics
101215 food marketing
101216 bioelectronics
101217 composite materials
101218 forensic anthropology
101219 forensic archaeology
101220 veterinary epidemiology
101221 enterprise and entrepreneurship
101222 crime scene investigation
101223 condensed matter physics
101233 cultural studies
101234 nanotechnology
101241 music therapy
101243 bioengineering
101246 professional practice in education
101248 French history
101258 Thai language
101261 maritime archaeology
101267 computer games
101268 computer games design
101269 modern Hebrew language
101271 East Asian studies
101273 combined studies
101274 general studies
101275 negotiated studies
101276 work placement experience (personal learning)
101277 work-based learning
101278 employability skills (personal learning)
101279 advice and guidance (personal learning)
101288 international studies
101289 rehabilitation studies
101290 neurological rehabilitation
101291 cardiovascular rehabilitation
101294 coaching psychology
101300 quantum theory and applications
101307 applied social science
101308 facilities management
101309 obstetrics and gynaecology
101311 Hungarian studies
101312 Czech studies
101315 Irish studies
101316 interior design and architecture
101317 environmental and public health
101318 biodiversity conservation
101319 exercise for health
101320 art psychotherapy
101322 mentorship
101323 dispute resolution
101324 orthopaedics
101325 paediatrics
101326 gerontology
101327 oncology
101329 dementia studies
101330 ultrasound
101331 gastroenterology
101332 drug and alcohol studies
101333 epilepsy care
101334 allergy
101335 epidemiology
101336 anaesthesia
101337 endocrinology
101338 diabetes
101339 dermatology
101340 hypnotherapy
101341 psychology of communication
101342 psychology of memory and learning
101343 transpersonal psychology
101344 psychobiology
101345 evolutionary psychology
101347 veterinary dentistry
101348 exotic plants and crops
101351 atmosphere-ocean interactions
101352 biogeography
101353 electrical power generation
101354 electrical power distribution
101355 cybernetics
101356 paper technology
101357 nationalism
101358 development in Africa
101359 development in the Americas
101360 African history
101361 creative arts and design
101362 calligraphy
101363 psychology of music
101366 Swahili and other Bantu languages
101367 Hausa language
101368 Indonesian language
101369 Vietnamese language
101371 Nepali language
101372 South East Asian studies
101373 hair and beauty sciences
101374 hair services
101375 spa and water-based therapies
101376 applied botany
101377 transcriptomics
101378 genetic engineering
101379 sport technology
101380 metabolic biochemistry
101381 cognitive neuroscience
101382 affective neuroscience
101383 psychometrics
101384 pre-clinical veterinary medicine
101385 agricultural irrigation and drainage
101387 meat science
101388 cereal science
101389 organometallic chemistry
101390 marine physics
101391 electromagnetism
101394 glaciology and cryospheric systems
101396 solid mechanics
101397 turbine technology
101398 rail vehicle engineering
101399 analogue circuit engineering
101400 parallel computing
101401 microeconomics
101402 macroeconomics
101403 feminism
101404 anarchism
101405 victimology
101406 transport policy
101407 agricultural geography
101408 human demography
101409 shorthand and shorthand transcription
101410 historical linguistics
101412 Scots language
101413 Irish language literature
101414 Coptic language
101415 Akkadian language
101416 Sumerian language
101417 Aramaic language
101419 Breton language
101420 Latin language
101421 medieval Latin language
101422 classical church Greek
101423 classical Greek literature
101424 Danish language
101425 Scandinavian literature
101426 Estonian language
101427 Hungarian language
101428 south Slavonic languages
101429 Ukrainian language
101430 Indian literature studies
101431 Turkish languages
101432 Arabic literature
101433 Persian literature studies
101434 Turkish literature
101435 oral history
101436 crime history
101437 Stone Age
101438 Bronze Age
101439 Iron Age
101440 classical art and archaeology
101441 metaphysics
101442 epistemology
101443 scholastic philosophy
101444 hinduism
101445 the Qur'an and Islamic texts
101446 the Torah and Judaic texts
101447 folk music
101448 opera
101449 music theory and analysis
101450 applied music and musicianship
101451 popular music composition
101452 body awareness
101453 dance and culture
101454 community dance
101455 stone crafts
101457 community ecology
101458 population ecology
101459 ecotoxicology
101460 plant physiology
101461 veterinary biochemistry
101462 quantitative psychology
101463 qualitative psychology
101464 psychopharmacology
101465 sociology of law
101467 Ruskin studies
101468 John Donne studies
101469 T.S. Eliot studies
101470 Thomas Hardy studies
101471 Oscar Wilde studies
101472 Chaucer studies
101473 Brontës studies
101474 Thomas Pynchon studies
101475 Philip Larkin studies
101476 D.H. Lawrence studies
101477 Charles Dickens studies
101478 Jane Austen studies
101479 James Joyce studies
101480 Margaret Atwood studies
101481 Samuel Beckett studies
101482 Wilkie Collins studies
101483 Byron studies
101484 Shelley studies
101485 Milton studies
101486 J. M. Coetzee studies
101487 Christopher Marlowe studies
101488 Walter Scott studies
101489 Robert Louis Stevenson studies
101490 Robert Burns studies
101491 Virginia Woolf studies
101492 Bob Dylan studies
101493 Dylan Thomas studies
101494 W. B. Yeats studies
101495 Joseph Conrad studies
101496 Salman Rushdie studies
101497 Gaelic literature
101498 Scandinavian history
101499 Russian society and culture
101500 Polish society and culture
101501 Czech society and culture
101503 Persian society and culture studies
101504 Turkish society and culture studies
101505 carpentry and joinery
101506 liberalism
101507 conservatism
101508 socialism
101509 fascism
101510 environmentalism
101511 ophthalmic dispensing
10A Analytical Science
10B Biology B (Advancing Biology)
10C Combined Studies
10D Dental Nursing
10E Education Professions
10F Forensic Crime Investigations
10H Health and Science
10I Mathematical Studies
10J Photojournalism
10M Metratronics
10P Professional Sound and Composition Techniques
10Q QA For Computer Games Development
10U Uniformed Public Services (Int.Only)
11A Classical and Computer Animation
11B Applied Science (Applied Biology) (QCF)
11C Applied Science (Applied Chemistry) (QCF)
11D Dentistry
11E Education Studies and Early Year Professions
11F Analytical and Forensic Science
11G Geographic Information Systems
11H Health and Social Work
11J Media & Journalism Practice
11L Applied Law (QCF)
11M Digital Media
11P Applied Science (Applied Physics) (QCF)
11T Applied Technology
11U Entry to the Uniformed Services
11Z Zoo Resource Management
12B Science (Applied Microbiology)
12C Combined Humanities and Social Studies
12D Dentistry, Pharmacy and Medical Sciences
12E Education & Social Work
12F Providing Financial Advice
12G Geomatics (Surveying and Mapping)
12H Health and Care Professions
12J Journalism and Media
12L Legal Studies
12M Quantitative Methods (Mei)
12P Physical Activity and Sports Leadership
12T Live Event Technology
13C Education Professions
13E Education & Community Learning & Development
13F Y1
13H Health and Social Care Professions
13J Justice & Crime Prevention
13L Law and Social Science
13M Music Technology and Sound Engineering
13P Professional Sound Engineering Skills
13S Science Combined With Social Sciences
14A Humanities and Arts
14B Social Studies
14C Criminological Social Sciences
14E Sound Engineering
14F Credit Union Studies
14H Health and Caring
14J Social Justice
14L Law and Society
14M Music for Film and TV
14P Plumbing
14S Life Sciences
14T Coin Slot Systems and Casino Technologies
15A Creative and Visual Arts
15B Social Science & Social Work
15C Counselling and Psychology
15E Combined Engineering
15F Footwear
15G Wildlife and Countryside
15H Health and Human Sciences
15L Leadership Studies
15M Multimedia Presentation
15P Physiology and Pharmacology
15S Aviation Science
15T Merchant Vessel Technology
16A Creative Enterprises
16B Social Studies/ Social Work
16C Chemical Engineering
16G Garden and Landscape Design
16H Health and Life Sciences
16L Lean Service Management
16P Pharmacy Services
16S Human and Social Sciences
17A Creative Arts
17B Social Care Professionals
17C Community Development
17F Furniture Design, Production and Enterprise
17G Games, Animation and VFX Skills
17H Health and Physiotherapy
17L Life and Biological Science
17P Pharmaceutical Science (QCF)
17S Children's Care, Learn & Dev'ment (Int.Only)
18A Architecture and Interior Design
18B Social Work and Community Work
18C Developing Counselling Skills
18H Health and Science Professions
18I Reformed Applied ICT (D ASUB)
18L Rs L3 Cert In Live Evts & Pro Skills (Qcf)
18P Pharmacy and Bio-Medical Science
18S Combined Social Studies
18T Green Technology
19A Architectural Joinery
19B Biochemistry And Biomedical Science
19C Chemical Dependency Counselling
19E Early Years Education & Care (Early Years Ed)
19H Health and Social Science
19P Plastering
19S Applied Social Studies
20B Biology & Mgmt Of Marine & Freshwater Ecosys.
20C Life Coaching Skills and Practice
20E Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator)
20F Fashion Business
20H Health Care and Midwifery
20I Ict: Hardware & Networks
20P Painting and Decorating
20Q Quality Management
20S Nautical Science (NQF)
20V Visual Communication
21C Communication and Computer Networks
21D Indust. Prog'ng Eng. (Robotics & Computing)
21E Electrical Installation
21F Fashion Marketing
21G Gemmology
21H Health Professions and Nursing
21I Ict Systems Support
21N Food Science
21P Physical and Natural Sciences
21V Visualisation
22B Biochemical Sciences
22C Computer and Electronic Engineering
22F Fashion Media and Communication
22H Health, Social Care & Early Years Professions
22P Prev Sports Injuries in Sport & Active Leis
22S Spa Therapy Studies
22T Performing Arts (Musical Theatre) (QCF)
22V Visual Arts In The Community
23B Biomedical Science (NQF)
23C Computer and Digital Product Technology
23F Fashion
23H Health And Related Health Professions
23L Logistics
23T Performing Arts (Physical Theatre) (QCF)
23V Vocational Science
24A Accountancy and Economics
24B Applied Biological Sciences
24C Computer and Network Technology
24F Fashion Business and Retail
24H Heating and Ventilating
24I It And Product Design
24L Labour & International Studies
24T Performing Arts (Technical)
24V Vocational
25B Biology and Chemistry With Business Studies
25C Computer Networks
25D 3D Spatial Design
25I Information Engineering With Business
25L Laboratory Technician Studies
25T Production Arts (Stage Management) (QCF)
25V Media and Visual Communication
26C Computer Games Production
26D Computer Aided Product Design
26E Engineering Science And Maths
26H Life and Health Sciences (Reformed D ASUB)
26T Performing Arts (Stage Design)
27C Computer Systems Security
27D Two Dimensional Design (Drawing For Design)
27E Science, Engineering and Computing
27I International Studies
27L Lift Engineering
27P Production Arts (Qcf)
27S Prod. Arts (Set Design & Const'n) (QCF)
27T Performing Arts (Set Construction)
28B Biological and Environmental Science
28C Computer Systems (Engineering)
28E Science, Medicine and Engineering
28L Lighting Technology
28T Production Arts (Technical) (QCF)
29C Computer Aided Engineering
29T Production Arts (Arts Management) (QCF)
30C Computer Aided Design & Manufacture
30E Applied Linguistics
30F Baking Technology
30Q Quantity Surveying
30T Sound Engineering & Multimedia Integration
30V Veterinary Nursing
31A Automotive Engineering
31B Electronic Engineering
31C Computer Aided Visualisation
31D Assistive Technology and Disability Studies
31E Electrical/Electronic Eng (Int. Only)
31F Culinary Arts Management
31G Local Government Administration
31L Electrical/Electronic Eng (Int. Only)
31R Cost Engineering
31S Minerals Surveying
31T 3D Design (Theatre Costume)
31V Veterinary Practice Management
32C Computer Forensics
32D Disability and Society
32E Construction Engineering
32F Food and Beverage Service
32V Veterinary Science
33C Computer Rendered Enter'ent & Animated Media
33D Learning Disability
33E Aeronautical Engineering (QCF)
33F Food Safety and Hygiene
34C Computer Studies and Ict
34E Aerospace Engineering
34F Food Development and Production
35C Computing and Maths
35E Applied Aviation Studies
35F Aquatic & Fisheries Management
35R Radiography
36C Computing With Business
36E Biomedical Equipment Engineering
36F Fish Management (QCF)
37C Computing Engineering
37E Marine Engineering (NQF)
37F International Cuisine
38C Creative Media, Comp Games And 3D Modelling
38E Materials Technology
39E Nuclear Engineering
39N Natural Sciences
40A Forestry
40B Business, Legal and Language Studies
40C Forestry and Arboriculture (QCF)
40E Operations & Maint. Engineering (Int. Only)
40F Compartment Fire Behaviour Training
40H Therapeutic Hair Sciences
40N Nature Conservation
40T Theatre Arts
40V Video and Television Studies
40W Working With Medication
41A Archaeology and Ancient History
41B Business and Travel
41C 3D Design Crafts
41E Electronics Design
41F Fire Safety Engineering
41H Horticulture (QCF)
41I Interactive Use Of Media
41S Research and Laboratory Science
41T Adventure Tourism
42E Electronics Technology
42F Fire Service Training & Command
42H Equine Studies
42S Science and Allied Medical Professions
43B Agri Marketing and Business Administration
43C Construction And Civil Engineering
43E Communications Electronic Engineering
43H Heritage Management
43P Physiological Measurements
43S Science and Forensics
44B Business Management And Travel
44C Professional Cookery (Kitchen and Larder)
44E Medical Technology
44H Horticulture
44P Physiotherapy
44S Science and Health
45E Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (QCF)
45H Equine Studies
45N New Media Production Technology
45P Politics, Policy Making & Globalisation
45R Railway Engineering
45S Science and Mathematics
45T Transport Planning and Engineering
45W Waste Management
46C Professional Chefs (kitchen & larder)
46E Equine Management (NQF)
46G Game Design and Development Engineering
46P Practitioner In Substance Misuse
46S Science and Nursing
47B Business and Enterprise
47E Business (Entrepreneurship & Small BUSN MGMT)
47G Interactive Game Development
47N Engineering: Power Network Engineering
47P Power Generation
47S Science For Health & Sport
47W Water and Environmental Management
48B Business & Marketing
48C Prof Chefs (Patisserie & Confectionery)
48P Process Technology and Logistics Management
48S Science For Health Practitioners
49B Business (Accounting) (QCF)
49C Professional Patisserie & Confectionery
49P Production Management
49S Science For Professions Allied To Medicine
50C Communications Systems
50F Floristry (QCF)
50I General Illustration
50L Turfgrass Science and Management
50M Media
50N Nursery Production & Garden Centre Management
50P Psychology and Community Studies
50R Real Estate
50S Science Industries
50V Vehicle Tech (Motorsports) (Int. Only)
51C Call Handling Operations
51M Media (Design)
51P Psychology and Health Studies
51V Vehicle Operations Management (NQF)
52C Consumer Marketing
52E Air Conditioning and Sustainable Energy
52P Psychology and Social Science
53C Construction Management
53H Health and Community Studies
53M 3D Animation and Multimedia
53P Professions In English, Writing and Media
54B European Building Design & Management
54C Construction Technology and Management
54H Health and Safety In The Workplace
54P Professions In Law and Criminology
55B Architectural Glass
55C Adv Pract In Wrk W Child & Fam's (Mgmt) NQF
55D Dental Technology (QCF)
55H Housing (NQF)
55I Immunology
55N Nursing Studies
55P Printing
56C Construction (Architectural Design)
56H Health, Public Services and Care
56P Law and Criminology
57C Consumer Marketing
57M Advertising and Marketing Communication
57N Healthcare, Nursing and Midwifery
58C Children and Young People
58E Exercise and Health In The Community
58H Horse Management (QCF)
58I Instrumentation and Control
58R Refrigeration and Sustainable Energy
58S Coaching And Performance Management
59C Community Studies, Psychology and Education
59H Horse Studies (Technology and Management)
59R Renewable Energy Technology (Wind Turbines)
59S Adventure Sports
60B Salon Management
60C Conservation
60F Facilities Management (NQF)
60G Glass
60I Interior Design
60M Motor Sports
60R Rescue and Emergency Management
60S Outdoor Activities
61M Blacksmithing and Metalworking (QCF)
61P Applied Photography
61T Health Therapies
62E Engineering: Design Engineering
62P Performing Arts (Acting) (International Only)
62R Restoration & Decorative Studies
63H Reformed Health and Social Care (D ASUB)
63P Performing Arts (Dance) (QCF)
64P Performing Arts (Performance)
65C Customer Service (Onscreen Only)
65D Design Metals
65G Golf and Sports Turf Management
65H Horology
65P Performing Arts (Production)
65R Rural and Country Management
66C Applied Consumer Studies
66H Human Resource Management
66M Mobile and Interactive TV Development
66P Plant & Process Engineering
67M Wireless Applications and Mobile Solutions
67S Speech and Language Therapy
68C Coastal Zone and Marine Environment Studies
68M Aircraft Maintenance
69C Cartography
69E International Event Management Studies
69M Culture & Media Studies
69P Police Studies
70C Countryside Management (QCF)
70H Humanities
70M Multimedia
70P Polymer Processing and Materials Technology
70S Service Industries And Retail
71B Broadcast Post Production
71C Computing for Creative Industries
71E Early Years Practitioner
71H Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
71S Sport
72C Computer Systems and Network Support
72H Humanities and Social Science
72M Music (Performing) (QCF)
72S Sport (Outdoor Adventure) (Qcf)
73H Humanities and Heritage
73M Music (Composing) (QCF)
73S Sport (Dev, Coach & Fitness) (Int. Only)
74E Childhood Studies
74H Humanities and Science
74P Sport, Health and Exercise
74S Sport (Performance And Excellence) (Qcf)
75E Early Years and Child Care For Playworkers
75H Humanities - History
75M Rs L3 Cert In Music Business Skills (Qcf)
76E Property Appraisal and Energy Management
76H Humanities Literature
77E Estate Management
77H Humanities And Law
78E Early Years
78S Speech , Occupational Therapy & Allied Profes
79E Early Years and Childcare
79H Humanities And Literature
79S Science/Health Science
80F Teaching In Further Education
80H Humanities/Soc Sciences/Teaching/Social Work
80M Midwifery
80P Primary Teaching
80S Professional Social Care
80T Teaching
81H Humanities, Soc Sciences & Related Profession
81M Medicine
81S Social, Youth and Community Work Studies
81T Teaching Studies
82H Humanities With Mathematics
82M Medicine and Medical Biosciences
82S Social Work, Teaching and Social Sciences
82T Teaching - Science
83M Medicine & Health Professions
83S Social and Community Studies
83T Teacher Education
84M Medical Science
84S Social Science and Humanities
84T Primary Teaching
85M Medical and Health Science Professions
85S Social Sciences and Community Work
85T Teacher Training
86M Medical Health Professions
86S Scientific Careers
86T Teaching - Humanities
87M Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy & Medical Scie
87P Paramedic Science
87S Social Sciences & Public Sector Professions
87T Teaching and Learning
88P Paramedic Studies
88S Social Studies
88T Teaching In The Lifelong Learning Sector
89S Social Studies and Humanities
89T Teaching: Early Years
90C Maths and Computing
90H Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism
90S Social and Cultural Studies
90T Teaching & Education Studies
91C Computing and Electronics
92C Caring Professions
92H Complementary Health
92M Airline and Airport Operations
93C Explore Complementary Therapies
93M Conservation and Environment
96E Entertainment Tech: Video Games Art & Design
97S Social Science & Social Care
98S Social Science and Health Professions
99C Criminology and Forensic Studies
A01 Classical (Free Bass) Accordion
A02 Standard Bass Accordion
A03 Applied Social Science And Allied Professions
A04 Automotive Industry
A07 Azerbai A: Literature
A09 Art, Design & Media
A10 GCE Applied Art & Design Advanced & Additional AS
A11 Art
A12 Painting
A13 Sculpture
A14 Art and Crafts
A15 Art and Design
A16 Art With Art History
A17 History of Art
A18 History & Appreciation of Art
A19 Study of Visual Art
A20 Art and Design -Fine Art
A21 Accounting
A22 Principles of Accounts
A23 Fine Art
A24 Accounting and Finance
A25 Administration
A26 Application of Number
A27 Applied Art and Design
A28 OCR National Certificate in Art & Design
A29 EDI level 3 Certificate in Accounting (IAS)
A30 Anthropology
A31 Agricultural Science
A32 Agricultural Economics
A33 Agriculture
A34 Make-up artist
A35 NVQ Level 3 in Accounting
A36 EDI level 3 certificate in Accounting
A37 Animal Care
A38 OCR National Extended Diploma in Art & Design
A39 OCR National Diploma in Art & Design
A40 Art History (Principal Subject)
A41 Archaeology
A42 Algebra
A43 Computer Arts and Animation
A45 AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting (QCF)
A47 Animal Management
A48 Animal Management with Science
A51 Anatomy Physiology And Health
A56 Art and Design: Crit Context Studies
A57 Art & Design: Photography & Lens Based Media
A58 Art & Design: Combined Studies
A60 Art & Design Unendorsed
A61 Art & Design - Textiles
A62 Art & Design - Graphics
A63 Art & Design - Photography
A64 Art & Design - 3D Studies
A65 Art and Design (Fashion and Clothing) (QCF)
A66 Art & Design - Fashion/textile
A67 Art & Design Lens Based Imagery (Principal Subject)
A68 Art & Design-Film & Video
A69 Art & Design-Crit/Hist.Studies
A80 Arabic
A81 Afrikaans
A82 Amharic
A83 Classical Arabic
A84 Modern Arabic
A85 Armenian
A86 Classical Armenian
A87 Albanian
A88 Asante
A89 Asian Arts
A90 Aice Diploma
A91 Astronomy
A92 Animal Biology & Wildlife Conservation
A93 Aviation Operations
AWB Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate
B01 Double Bass
B02 E Flat Bass
B03 Bassoon
B04 Jazz Bassoon
B05 Baritone
B06 Jazz Baritone
B07 Jazz Doublebass
B08 B Flat Bass
B09 Business With Mathematics
B10 Business and Law
B11 Biology
B12 Nuffield Biology
B13 Human Biology
B14 Social Biology
B15 Human/Social Biology
B16 Biology with Practical (Singapore)
B17 AQA Baccalaureate
B18 AQA Enrichment
B19 Biology Combined With Chemistry
B20 Bio-technology
B21 Botany
B22 Project Botany
B23 Biochemistry
B24 Biological Sciences
B25 Biosciences
B26 Biological and Health Science
B27 Biophysical Sciences
B28 Biological & Biomedical Sciences
B29 Bonus
B30 Bridging Skills for Higher Education
B31 British Constitution
B32 Business Studies Combined With Humanities
B38 Business Administration And Finance
B39 Business and Professional Studies
B40 Business Economics
B41 Business Studies
B42 Business Organisation
B43 Business Administration
B44 Business and Finance
B45 Business
B46 business studies and economics
B47 Applied Business
B48 Business Administration
B49 Business Environment
B50 Business Management
B51 Building Construction
B52 Built Environment
B53 Building Studies
B54 Building Technology
B55 Building & Architectural Techn
B56 Building Services
B57 GCE Applied Business Advanced and Additional AS
B58 Business With English
B59 Business & Technology
B60 Beauty Therapy
B61 Body And Spa Therapy
B62 Bench Joinery
B63 Bricklaying
B64 Business Administration with Travel & Tourism
B65 Business Information Systems
B67 Reformed Applied Business (D ASUB)
B70 Skills for Business
B71 Skills for Business: Enterprise
B72 Skills for Business: Finance
B73 Skills for Business: Human Resources
B74 Skills for Business: IT
B75 Skills for Business: Retail
B76 Skills for Business: Sales & Marketing
B80 Bemba
B81 Bengali
B82 Bulgarian
B83 Burmese
B84 Bahasa
B85 Sl Bosnian A1
B86 My Basque
B87 Sl Brazilian Std
B91 OCR National Cert. in Business
B92 OCR National Dip. in Business
B93 OCR National Ext. Dip. in Business
B94 B/Russian A1
B95 Beauty and Spa Therapy
C01 Cello
C02 Jazzcello
C03 Clarinet
C04 Jazzclarinet
C05 B Flat Cornet
C06 E Flat Soprano Cornet
C07 Jazz Cornet
C08 Criminology And Sociology
C09 Site Carpentry
C10 Certificate in the Arts
C11 Chemistry
C12 Nuffield Chemistry
C13 Chemistry B (Salters)
C14 Childcare
C15 Chemistry with Practical (Singapore)
C16 Chemistry A
C17 Communication & Culture
C18 Calculus
C19 Chemical Process Tech.
C20 Computer Games & 3D Animation
C21 Computer Science
C22 Computer Studies
C23 Computer Science Endorsement
C24 Computing
C25 Computer Awareness
C26 Computer Programming
C27 Comparative Government & Politics (principal subject)
C28 Computer Aided Arch. & Des.
C29 Classical Heritage (Principal Subject)
C30 Creative & Media
C31 Classical Civilisation
C32 Jact Classical Civilisation
C33 Classical Studies
C34 Classical Civ & History
C35 Classics Ancient History
C36 Classics Latin
C37 Criminal Justice and Policing Studies
C38 Creative Media Production (Games Development)
C39 Critical and Contextual Studies in Art
C40 Critical Thinking
C41 Craft
C42 Pottery
C43 Integrated Craftwork
C44 Craft And Design
C45 Craft - Printing
C46 Craft - Embroidery
C47 Craft Design & Technology
C48 Chemical and Biological Sciences
C49 Creative Design
C50 Commercial Studies
C51 Communication Studies
C52 Commerce
C53 Construction
C54 Construction/Built Environment
C55 Professional Cookery
C56 Cemetery And Crematorium Management
C57 Children'S Play Learning & Dev (Early Yrs Ed)
C58 Child, Adolescent & Family Studies
C59 Children's Play Learning & Dev (Early Yrs Ed)
C60 Creative Media Production & Technology (Qcf)
C61 Computations Endorsement
C62 General & Communication
C63 Computing and Network Technologies
C64 Service Industries
C65 Communication Skills
C66 Cornish
C67 Creative Media Production Television And Film
C68 Process Control
C69 Control System
C70 China Studies in English
C71 Ceramics
C72 Creative Digital Media
C73 Creative Digital Design
C74 Creative Digital Media Production
C75 Creative Media Production (QCF)
C77 Professional Chefs
C78 Creative Digi Media Prod - Film, TV & Radio
C79 Cantonese
C80 Catalan
C81 Chinese
C82 Classical Chinese
C83 Modern Chinese
C84 Modern Standard Chinese
C85 Mandarin Chinese
C86 Chinese with Translation
C87 Chinese History
C88 Chinese Language & Literature
C89 Croatian
C90 Chile & Pac.
C91 Czech
C92 Classical Language
C93 Caring
C94 China Studies in English
C95 Media and Cultural Studies
C96 Mandarin (Simplified)
C97 Chinese (Traditional)
C98 Chinese (Simplified)
C99 Children and Young Peoples Workforce
D01 Drum Kit
D02 Snare Drum
D03 Delivering Effective Palliative Care
D10 Pre-U Diploma
D11 Technical Drawing
D12 Geometric/Mechanical Drawing
D13 Geometric/Engineering Drawing
D14 Geometric/Building Drawing
D15 Technical/Engineering Drawing
D16 Engineering Drawing
D17 Decision Mathematics
D18 Draughtsmanship
D21 Design
D22 Design And Technology
D23 Craft and Technology Design
D24 Communication & Imp. Design
D25 Design & Tech. Product Design (3D Design)
D26 Design & Tech. Product Design (Textiles)
D27 Design And Manufacture
D31 Domestic Science
D32 Dress
D41 Dance
D42 Drama and Theatre Arts
D43 Drama
D44 Drama and Theatre Studies
D50 Distribution
D61 Design & Tech:Food Technology
D62 Design and Tech:Product Design
D63 DesignTEC:Systems Tec
D64 Design & Communication Graphics
D65 Des & Tec. Resistant Materials
D66 Design & Tech. Product Design
D67 Digital Technology
D68 Digital Literacy
D69 Digital Publishing
D70 Digital Games Design and Development
D71 Digital Design and Web Development
D81 Danish
D82 Dutch
D83 Dhivehi
D84 Sl Dzongkha A1
D91 OCR National Cert. in Design
D92 OCR National Dip. in Design
D93 OCR National Ext. Dip. in Design
E01 Euphonium
E02 Jazzeuphonium
E03 Education, Teaching And Childhood Studies
E06 Employability Skills
E08 Employment & Personal Learning Skills Health
E09 Events
E10 Extended Project
E11 English Literature
E12 English Language & Literature
E13 English
E14 English Language
E15 English for Speakers of Other Languages
E16 (Camb. Assess.) Certificate of Advanced English (CAE)
E17 (Camb. Assess.) Certificate of Proficiency English (CPE)
E18 English and Humanities
E19 English and Creative Writing
E20 Literature in English (Principal Subject)
E21 Economics
E22 Economics and Business (Nuff)
E23 Mathematics for Engineering
E24 Math Techniques & Applications For Engineers
E25 Economic and Public Affairs
E26 Economic and Political Studies
E27 Economics and Business
E28 English and Education
E29 Education and Humanities
E30 English Language & Linguistics
E31 Engineering
E32 Engineering Science
E33 Engineering Drawing and Design
E34 Elements of Engineering Design
E35 Manufacturing & Product Development
E36 Manufacturing & Product Design
E37 English and Media
E38 Measurement & Control Engineering
E39 Engineering (Spec: Electrical/Mechanical)
E40 Manufacturing Engineering
E41 Electronic Systems
E42 Electronics Endorsement
E43 Electronics
E44 Electrical Installations (Buildings & Struct)
E45 E-Commerce
E46 Maths And Engineering
E47 Event, Protocol And Institutional Relations
E48 Elec Pow Eng - Dist & Trans (Tech Knowl)
E49 Elec Power Eng - Wind Turb Mt. (Tech Knowl)
E50 Environmental Sustainability (QCF)
E51 Environmental Science
E52 Environmental Studies
E53 Social & Environmental Biology
E54 Environmental Management
E56 Ecology And Environmental Studies
E57 Avionics Engineering
E61 Embroidery
E62 Engineering Design
E63 Engineering and Technology
E64 Mechanical Engineering
E67 Civil Engineering
E68 Engineering Practice
E71 European Community
E73 Ecology
E74 European Studies
E80 Enterprise, Employability & Personal Finance
E81 Estonian
E82 Fante
E91 Education
E92 Education, Training and Support
E93 Education With English & History
E94 Education & Training
E99 Emerging Technologies
F01 Fiddle
F02 Scottish Traditional Fiddle
F03 Flute
F04 Jazzflute
F05 Flugelhorn
F06 Jazz Fulgelhorn
F07 Jazz Fiddle
F11 Fashion & Textiles
F12 IFS-Services Practice
F13 Certificate in Financial Studies
F14 Diploma in Financial Studies
F15 Foundations of Advanced Mathematics (MEI)
F16 Level 4 Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art, Design & Media)
F17 Level 3 Diploma in Fashion Retail
F18 Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art & Design)
F19 Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art Design & Media)
F20 Further Mathematics (Additional)
F21 Film Studies
F22 Fabrication and Welding
F23 Data Analysis
F24 Dynamics
F25 Mathematical Principles in Personal Finance
F26 Fashion, Theatre & Media Hair & Make-up Studies
F27 Film
F28 Film and Television Production
F29 Film and Television Visual Effects
F30 Fashion Design and Manufacture
F31 Food preparation and cooking
F32 Food And Beverage Service Supervision
F50 Model Making: TV and Film
F51 Fibre Art
F60 Fitness Services
F81 French
F82 Fijian
F83 Finnish
F84 Finnish Language
F85 Finnish Literature
F86 Filipin A: Literature
G01 Guitar
G02 Jazzguitar
G03 Plectrum Guitar
G10 Georgian A1
G11 Geography
G12 Economic Geography
G13 'School Council' Geography
G14 Physical Geography
G15 Human Geography
G16 Global Perspectives & Independent Research
G17 Global Perspectives
G18 Global Development
G21 Geology
G22 Gas Utilisation: Core Skills And Knowledge
G31 Government & Politics
G32 British Government & Politics
G33 Govt: Pol and Econ (European Un)
G40 Art & Design (Graphic Comm) (Principal Subject)
G41 Graphic Communication
G42 Technical Graphics
G43 Applied Engineering Graphics
G44 Graphics
G45 Graphic Design
G46 Creative Digi Media Prod - Digital Games
G51 General Studies
G81 German
G82 Gaelic
G83 Gaelic (as a first language)
G84 Gaelic (as a second language)
G85 Gujarati
G86 Galician
G91 Greek
G92 Modern Greek
G93 Greek Literature
G94 Greek & Greek History
G95 Greek Literature & History
G96 Classical Greek
H01 Frenchhorn
H02 Pedal Harp
H03 Non-Pedal Harp
H04 Jazzfrenchhorn
H05 Tenorhorn
H06 Jazz Pedal Harp
H07 Jazz Tenor Horn
H08 Harp
H09 Horn
H10 Human Rights
H11 History
H12 British Econ. & Social History
H13 Economic History
H14 Economic & Social History
H15 Greek and Roman History
H16 History & Arch. Roman Britain
H17 Political History
H18 History A
H19 History B
H20 Hypothesis Testing
H21 Ancient History
H22 Jact Ancient History
H23 Ancient History & Literature
H24 Hist. Africa
H25 Hist. Americas
H26 Hist. E. Asia
H27 Hist. Europe
H28 Hist. W. Asia
H29 U.S. History
H30 Health
H31 Home Economics
H32 Fabric & Fashion
H33 Food & Nutrition
H34 Family & Society
H35 Home & Social Science
H36 Home & Community Studies
H37 Home Econ.(Dress & Fabrics)
H38 Hospitality and Catering
H39 Hospitality
H40 Hair & Beauty Studies
H41 Horticultural Science
H42 Horse Knowledge and Care
H43 Horse Riding
H44 Health Care Science
H45 European History
H46 Mediaeval History
H47 Modern History
H48 Historical Studies
H49 Hafaz Al-Quran
H50 Health and Social Studies
H51 Health and Social Services
H52 Healthcare Practitioners
H53 Health and Social Care
H54 GCE Health & Social Care Advanced & Additional AS
H55 Health Care
H56 BHS Level 3 Certificate in Stage 3 Horse Knowledge & Care
H57 BHS Know & Care Rid.
H58 BHS Level 3 Preliminary Teacher's Certificate (Equine Coach)
H59 Health Studies: Biosciences
H60 Applied Health & Social Care Adv & Add AS
H61 Barbering
H62 E Flat Horn
H63 Harpsichord
H64 Hairdressing For Colour Technicians
H65 Hearing Aid Audiology
H66 Higher Level Studies
H67 Clinical Healthcare Support
H68 Hairdressing (International Only)
H69 History Africa and Middle East
H70 Health and Care
H71 OCR Nat. Cert. Health, Soc. Care
H72 OCR Nat. Dip. Health, Soc. Care
H73 OCR Nat. Ext. Dip. Health, Soc. Care
H74 Health
H75 History Asia and Oceania
H81 Hebrew
H82 Classical Hebrew
H83 Modern Hebrew
H84 Biblical Hebrew
H90 Beg. Hindi
H91 Hindi
H92 Hungarian
H93 Hinduism
H94 Hispanic Std
H95 Hotel and Catering
H96 Sl Hiskcon Bistu
H97 Health Fitness and Complementary Studies
H98 Health and Food Technology
I09 It: User Support
I10 Maths.Sets
I11 Industrial Studies
I12 Industrial Plant Support
I13 Malay B
I14 Maths.Discrete
I15 OCR iPro Certificate
I16 OCR iPro Diploma
I17 GCE Applied ICT Advanced & Additional AS
I18 Applied Information and Communication Technology
I19 Information Tec
I20 Info. and Comm. Technology
I21 Information Technology
I22 Information Tech & Business
I23 Information Processing
I24 Information Studies
I25 Information Systems
I26 International Affairs
I27 International Trade
I28 Imp. own Learning/Performance
I29 OCR National Certificate in ICT
I30 OCR National Diploma in ICT
I31 National Extended Diploma in ICT
I32 Information and Office Management
I33 Information Services
I35 ICT Systems and Principles
I37 Maths.Series
I40 OCR Cert. iMedia Users
I42 OCR Dip. iMedia Users
I50 CDMP: Interactive Publishing & Media
I70 Trade Union Organising & Represenatation
I80 India Studies
I81 Irish
I82 Italian
I83 Islam
I84 Icelandic
I85 Igbo
I86 Indonesian
I87 Inuktitut
I89 Malayalam A1
I90 It: Cyber Security
J81 Japanese
K01 Digitalkeyboards
K02 Jazzdigitalkeyboards
K03 Yamahacontemporarykeyboard
K04 Electronic Keyboard
K10 Level 1 Working with Others
K11 Level 1 Communication
K12 Level 1 Application of Number
K13 Level 1 IT
K15 Certificate of Personal Effectiveness
K20 Level 2 Working with Others
K21 Level 2 Communication
K22 Level 2 Application of Number
K23 Level 2 IT
K30 Level 3 Working with Others
K31 Level 3 Communication
K32 Level 3 Application of Number
K33 Level 3 IT
K41 Level 4 Communication
K42 Level 4 Application of Number
K43 Level 4 IT
K44 Critical Thinking
K45 Oral Communication
K46 Oral Communication (Gaidhlig)
K47 Planning and Organising
K48 Reviewing and Evaluating
K49 Using Graphical Information
K50 Using Information Technology
K51 Using Number
K52 Working with Others
K53 Written Communication
K54 Written Comms Gaidhlig
K55 Critical Thinking
K56 Oral Communication
K57 Planning and Organising
K58 Reviewing and Evaluating
K59 Using Graphical Information
K60 Using Information Technology
K61 Using Number
K62 Working with Others
K63 Written Communication
K64 Oral Communication (Gaidhlig)
K65 Written Communication (Gaidhlig)
K66 Accessing Information
K67 Accessing Information
K68 Providing/Creating Information
K69 Providing/Creating Information
K70 Working Co-operatively with Others
K71 Level 1 Improving Own Learning and Performance
K72 Level 2 Improving Own Learning and Performance
K73 Level 3 Improving Own Learning and Performance
K74 Level 4 Improving Own Learning and Performance
K75 Working Co-operatively with Others
K76 Reviewing Co-operative Contribution
K77 Reviewing Co-operative Contribution
K80 Khmer A: Literature
K81 Korean
K82 Knowledge and Inquiry
K83 Kurdish A: Literature
K90 Level 4 Wider Key Skills Problem Solving
K91 Level 1 Problem Solving
K92 Level 2 Problem Solving
K93 Level 3 Problem Solving
K94 Level 4 Problem Solving
L09 Legal Secretaries
L10 Legal Professions
L11 Law
L12 Constitutional Law
L13 Gen. Principles of English Law
L14 Business Law
L15 Criminal Justice
L21 Logic
L49 GCE Leisure Studies Advanced & Additional AS
L50 Leisure and Recreation
L51 Land-based Occupations (Arig/e)
L52 Leisure and Tourism
L53 Land and Wildlife Management
L54 Land Based Engineering
L55 Land Based Technologies
L56 Land Use
L57 Environmental & Land Based Studies
L58 Land-Based Studies
L59 Landscape Design
L60 Leaving Cert Vocational Programme
L61 Links module
L81 Latin
L82 Latin with Roman History
L83 Latin Literature
L84 Latin Literature & History
L85 Literature, History and Social Science
L86 Language and Literature
L87 Literary Stud Comb With Sci And Soc Sci
L88 Literary Studies Combined With Social Science
L89 Literature & History
L91 Latvian
L92 Lithuanian
L93 Lozi
L94 Luganda
L95 Lunda
L96 Luo
L98 Lao A: Literature
L99 Laboratory Skills
M02 Business (Operations Management)
M03 Princ of Creative & Cultural Sec: Live Events
M04 Media Make-up Artistry
M05 Medical Administration
M06 Mathematical Studies
M07 Music: Portfolio
M08 Mathematics Of Mechanics
M09 Marine Surveying
M10 Mongolian A1
M11 Mathematics
M12 MEI Mathematics
M13 SMP Mathematics
M14 Use of Mathematics
M15 Higher Mathematics
M16 OCR National Cert. in Media
M17 OCR National Dip. in Media
M18 Mathematics & Statistics
M19 OCR National Ext. Dip. in Media
M20 Pure Maths with Further Maths
M21 Pure Mathematics
M22 Pure & Applied Mathematics
M23 Pure Maths. & Statistics
M24 Pure Maths. with Computations
M25 MEI Pure Mathematics
M26 Pure Maths with Mechanics
M27 Further Pure Maths & Mechanics
M28 Further Maths(add)(mei)
M29 Use of Mathematics
M30 Mechanical Mathematics
M31 Additional Mathematics
M32 SMP Additional Mathematics
M33 Applied Mathematics
M34 MEI Applied Mathematics
M35 Further Mathematics
M36 SMP Further Mathematics
M37 MEI Further Mathematics
M38 Applied Maths. & Statistics
M39 Maths with Applications
M40 Using and Applying Statistics
M41 Mathematics (I)
M42 Mathematics (II)
M43 Mathematics (III)
M44 Mathematics (IV)
M45 Mathematics (V)
M46 Maths. (Mechanics with Stats)
M47 Mathematics (Statistics)
M48 Maths 1 Step
M49 Maths 2 Step
M50 Media Studies
M51 Modern Studies
M52 Maths Step 3
M53 Media/Communications
M54 Working with Algebraic and Graphical Techniques
M55 Modelling with Calculus
M56 Manufacturing
M57 Marketing
M58 Using and Applying Decision Mathematics
M59 Using Algebra Functions and Graphs
M60 Motor Vehicle Maintenance
M61 Metalwork
M62 Silver Metalwork
M63 Making Connections in Mathematics
M64 Handling and Interpreting Data
M65 Applied Mechanics
M66 Mechanics
M67 Solving Problems in Shape and Space
M68 Theoretical Mechanics
M69 Mechatronics
M70 Media Comm. and Production
M71 Music
M72 General Music
M73 Practical Music
M74 Theoretical Music
M75 Musical Appreciation
M76 History & App. Of Music
M77 Music & Musicianship
M78 Music Technology
M79 Music Composition
M80 Calculating Finances
M81 Malay
M82 Maltese
M83 Marathi
M84 Macedonian
M85 Malayalam
M86 Maori
M87 Making Sense of Data
M88 Working in 2 and 3 Dimensions
M89 Managing Money
M90 Additional Mathematics
M91 Management Information Studies
M92 Management
M93 Management Studies
M94 Music Theory Level 6
M95 Music Practical Level 6
M96 Music Theory Level 7
M97 Music Practical Level 7
M98 Music Theory Level 8
M99 Music Practical Level 8
N10 Nail Technology
N11 Navigation
N12 Cache theory
N13 Cache practical
N14 CACHE Diploma in Child Care and Education
N15 CACHE Certificate in Child Care and Education
N16 CACHE Award in Child Care and Education
N17 L3 Diploma in Early Years Education and Care
N18 Children's Care, Learning and Development
N19 Dip Childcare & Education (Early Years Ed)
N20 Nutrition
N21 Nutrition. Sc.
N22 Childcare & Education (Early Years Ed)
N31 Nuffield Mathematics
N32 Nuffield Further Mathematics
N54 Nursing Midwifery & Profs Allied To Medicine
N55 Nursing and Health Care
N56 Nursing and Midwifery
N57 Nursing & Social Care
N58 Nursing and Health Related Occupations
N59 Nursing, Health and Science
N60 Nursing, Midwifery and Health Studies
N70 Nature of Science
N81 Norwegian
N82 Ndebele
N83 Ndonga
N84 Nepali
N85 Beginner Nynorsk
N86 Nepal Studies
O11 Occupational Therapy
O12 Osteopathic Sciences & Health Care
O13 Osteopathy
O21 Oboe
O22 Jazzoboe
O31 Organ
O32 Electronic Organ
O33 Oral Health Care: Dental Nursing
P01 Tuned Percussion
P02 Piano
P03 Jazzpiano
P04 Pianoaccompanying
P05 Orchestral Percussion
P06 Percussion
P08 Plumbing Studies
P09 Allied Health Professions: Physiotherapy Supt
P10 Literature and Performance
P11 Physics
P12 Nuffield Physics
P13 Physics and Mathematics
P14 Physics and Chemistry
P15 Proteomics
P16 Project Work
P17 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
P18 Essentials of Modern Physics
P19 Physics with Practical (Singapore)
P20 Physics B (Advancing Physics)
P21 Physical Science
P22 Nuffield Physical Science
P23 Physics A
P24 Philosophy & Theology (Principal Subject)
P25 Physics And Engineering
P26 Personal and Business Finance (QCF)
P27 Paediatric First Aid
P28 Prosthetics and Orthotics
P30 Political Science
P31 Political Studies
P32 Peace & Con. St.
P33 Practical
P34 Politics
P35 Painting and Decorating: Supervision
P36 Performance Skills
P39 Psychosocial Studies
P40 Psychology And Sociology
P41 Psychology
P42 Philosophy
P43 Physiology
P44 Human Biology & Psychology
P50 Asdan Award of Personal Effectiveness
P51 Public and Social Admin
P52 Public Affairs
P53 Prof. Practice Placement
P55 Professional Studies
P58 Printing
P59 Art and Design Printmaking
P60 Photography & Digital Imaging
P61 Photography
P62 Performing Arts
P63 Performance Studies
P64 Cert Speech & Drama Perf Study
P67 Visual and Performing Arts
P68 Performing & Production Arts
P70 Perioperative Support
P71 Physical Education
P72 P.E. (Sports Studies)
P73 Sports Science
P74 Sports Studies
P75 Sport Science, Physical Education & Dietetics
P76 Sports and Physical Education
P80 Pathology Support
P81 Persian
P82 Classical Persian
P83 Panjabi
P84 Polish
P85 Portuguese
P86 S.American Portuguese
P87 Pashto
P88 Philipino
P91 OCR Nat. Cert. Public Services
P92 OCR Nat. Dip. Public Services
P93 OCR Nat. Ext. Dip. Public Services
P94 Public Services
P95 Government & Public Organizations Services
P96 Public Services & Allied Professions
P97 Public Health & Community Stus=Dies
P98 Preparing To Work In Adult Social Care (QCF)
Q10 Quantitative Methods
Q20 Quantity Surveying & Const Cost Management
R10 Refrigeration, Air Cond & Heat Pump Systems
R11 Religious Studies
R12 Christian Theology
R13 Religious Knowledge
R14 Theology
R15 Religious, Moral PHIL Studies
R16 Research Project AICE Diploma
R18 Residential Child Care (England) (QCF)
R21 Recorders
R28 Retail Management (NQF)
R29 Retail
R30 Retail & Distributive Services
R31 Retail Business
R40 Resultant Award
R50 Radio
R81 Russian
R82 Rumanian
R98 Reflective Project Pilot
S01 Saxophones (Bb And Eb)
S02 Jazzsaxophones (Bb And Eb)
S03 Jazzsaxophone
S04 Alto Saxophone
S05 Singing
S06 Tenor Saxophone
S07 Soprano Saxophone
S08 Baritone Saxophone
S09 Self Care Education
S10 GCE Applied Science Advanced & Additional AS
S11 Sociology
S12 Science in Society
S13 Science Studies
S14 Science
S15 Marine Sci.
S16 Social Anthropology
S17 Care
S18 Statistics (MEI)
S19 Social Care
S20 Marine Science
S21 Statistics
S22 Statistics Endorsement
S23 Science-Public Understanding
S24 Applied Science
S25 Sports Exercise Science
S26 Support Spec. Learn. Needs
S27 Scottish Baccalaureate Languages
S28 Scottish Baccalaureate Science
S29 Scottish Interdisciplinary Project Langauges
S30 Scottish Interdisciplinary Project Science
S31 Surveying
S32 Scottish National Progression Award - PCPassport
S33 Scottish Ungraded National Certificate
S34 Science & Health Professions Science
S35 Social Welfare and Policy Studies
S36 Professional Social Care
S37 Science For Health and Sport
S38 Social Sciences, Humanities and Science
S39 Higher Sports Leadership
S40 Statistical Methods
S41 Secretarial Studies
S42 Shorthand
S43 Society, Health & Development
S44 Social Sciences With Literature
S46 Spec Supp for Teaching & Learning in Schools
S47 Sport and Physical Activity
S51 Scripture
S56 Sports Therapy
S57 Exercise And Fitness Instruction
S58 Achieving Excellence In Sports Performance
S59 Sport and Active Leisure
S60 Sport & Hospitality Management
S61 OCR National Cert. in Sport
S62 OCR National Diploma in Sport
S63 OCR National Ext. Diploma in Sport
S64 Level 3 Award in HSL
S65 Drama (D6)
S66 Drama (D7)
S67 Drama (D8)
S68 Science and Engineering
S70 Sound Production
S74 Social Work And Health And Social Care
S75 Social Science & Public Service Related Prof
S78 Social Science: Citizenship
S79 Social Policy
S80 Social Work
S81 Spanish
S82 Serbo-Croat
S83 Siamese
S84 Sinhalese
S85 Slovak
S86 Sanskrit
S87 Swahili
S88 Swedish
S89 Shona
S90 Samcan
S91 Sesotho
S92 Setswana
S93 Siswati
S94 Slavey
S95 Somali
S96 Syariah
S97 Sl Serbian
S98 Slovene
SCC W BACC Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate
T01 Trombone
T02 Jazztrombone
T03 Bass Trombone
T04 Trumpet
T05 Jazztrumpet
T06 Tuba
T07 Jazz Tuba
T08 Timpani
T10 Thai A2
T11 Technology
T12 Technology and Design
T13 Tech. Design & Graphic Comm.
T14 Technological Studies
T15 Theoretical element
T16 Thinking Skills
T17 Tibetan A1
T20 Creative Industries: Television
T21 Textiles and Dress
T25 Trading And Finance
T29 Theatrical, Spec Effects & Media Make-up Art
T30 Theatrical, Spec Effects, Hair & Med Make Up
T31 Theatre Studies
T33 Total Score
T34 Theory
T39 Tourism
T40 GCE Travel and Tourism Advanced and Additional AS
T41 Travel and Tourism
T42 Applied Travel & Tourism Adv & Add AS
T50 Soft Tissue Therapy
T80 Tafsir Al-Quran
T81 Tamil
T82 Turkish
T83 Telugu
T84 Thai
T85 Tigrinya
T86 Tonga
T87 Training & Development
T88 Text and Performance
T89 Telecommunications (International Only)
T91 OCR Nat. Cert. Travel and Tourism
T92 OCR Nat. Dip. Travel and Tourism
T93 OCR Nat. Ext. Dip. Travel and Tourism
U01 Unknown Subject
U81 Ukrainian
U82 Urdu
U83 Usuliddin
U84 Ulum Al-Quran
V10 ASDAN Community Volunteering Cert.
V11 ASDAN Community Volunteering Award
V21 Viola
V22 Jazzviola
V31 Violin
V32 Jazzviolin
V81 Vietnamese
W10 Web Design and Digital Media
W11 Woodwork
W12 Woodwork (Fine Craft & Design)
W13 World Development
W14 World Affairs
W15 World Studies
W16 World Politics
W18 Watch Management (Fire & Rescue Service)
W19 Welfare Studies
W20 Working In The Community
W21 Creative Writing
W22 Creative Writing And Media
W23 Wld. Studies Conf Peace And Se
W24 Wld. Studies Cult Lang And Ide
W25 Wld. Studies Env - Econom Stab
W26 Wld. Studies Equality And Inequality
W27 Wld. Studies Health And Dev
W28 Wld. Studies Sci Tech And Soc
W29 World Relig.
W35 World Cultures
W40 Wellness Therapies
W50 Sailing and Water Sports
W81 Welsh
W82 Welsh (as a first language)
W83 Welsh (as a second language)
W88 Working with Others
WBA Welsh BACC Advanced Diploma
X11 Accounting (IAL)
X12 Biology (IAL)
X13 Business Studies (IAL)
X14 Chemistry (IAL)
X15 Economics (IAL)
X16 Further Mathematics (IAL)
X17 Mathematics (IAL)
X18 Physics (IAL)
X19 Pure Mathematics (IAL)
X20 Law (IAL)
X81 Xhosa
Y10 Certificate For Young Enterprise
Y20 Youth and Social Work
Y80 Youth and Community Work
Y81 Yoruba
Z11 Zoology
Z81 Zulu
ZZZZZZ Unknown

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