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Engagement end date (ENGENDDATE)

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Key Value
Name Engagement end date
Part of Leaver (Leaver)
Description This field records the end date of the Engagement.
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All Leavers.

This field records the date of last scheduled activity by a student and should include the end of the scheduled exam period but excluding retakes.

An entry in this field means that an entry in Leaver.RSNENGEND will also be expected.

Taught students

For the purpose of HESA returns, completing Engagement is defined as being the point at which the taught or structured part of the Engagement, including planned exam periods and any formal writing-up period, is completed, i.e. once the student is no longer actively following the course, and not any later stage such as, for example, final confirmation of award. This may mean that Leaver.RSNENGEND is completed using code 98 Left but award of credit or qualification not yet known.

In some cases, students have not withdrawn from a course but have completed the taught or formally structured part of their course and are expected to complete the necessary assessment as a later date. For example, a student completes 2 years of teaching on an HND course and is allowed additional time to complete their assignments.

In these cases, the final StudentCourseSession recording the student's activity on the taught or formally structured part of their course would be returned with StudentCourseSession.RSNSCSEND = 04 'Ended' and with a SessionStatus update recording that the student moved to a dormant status the day after the end of the StudentCourseSession. At this point, a Leaver entity would not be returned as the outcome for the student is not known and they have neither qualified nor withdrawn.

Once the outcome for the student is known, (in a subsequent reference period), the student would be returned again with a Leaver entity and any applicable QualificationAwarded entities.

The Leaver.ENGENDDATE would be backdated to the point when teaching finished.

Resit Exams and/or Results from Late Exam Boards

Students who complete their Engagement, but whose final confirmation of award by exams may be after a designated period, should have a Leaver entity returned, with a date left at the time assessment took place. If their results are unknown, then 98 'Left but award of credit or qualification not yet known' should be returned in Leaver.RSNENGEND.
When the result is known this would then be updated with the appropriate Leaver.RSNENGEND.

This guidance also applies to ITT DfE students where the award of QTS may be delayed. If award information is unknown when the Engagement ends, then 98 'Left but award of credit or qualification not yet known' should be returned in Leaver.RSNENGEND. Once the award information is known this should be included in QualificationAwarded and QualificationAwardAccreditation.ACCREDITATIONID with the applicable accreditation code.

Research students

For research students the award should be recorded when the provider's Senate, or other body or person empowered, formally approves the award. For such students this field should be completed with the same date.

Collaborative Provision Students

Where the Engagement is ending as the student has transferred to another provider as part of a sequential doctoral research training programme, Leaver.ENGENDDATE records the date the reporting responsibility change occurs which may not coincide with the date interim awards, if any, are formally approved.

Code 12 'Transferred out as part of collaborative supervision arrangements' would also need to be returned in Leaver.RSNENGEND.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? No
Reason required This attribute is used to determine whether to include an Engagement in any particular population definition and/or to calculate the duration of a person's education and/or in analyses to determine students who are active in any given academic year.
Field Length 10 (in the format YYYY-MM-DD)
Revision History
Coding Manual Version Element Version Notes
1.2.0 1.0.1 Guidance added on what to return for taught students who have an extended period to complete their assignments.

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