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Reason for Engagement ending (RSNENGEND)

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Key Value
Name Reason for Engagement ending
Short name RSNENGEND
Part of Leaver (Leaver)
Description This field records the reason the Engagement has ended.
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All Leavers.

Code 01 should be used where the student has left the provider and been awarded a qualification or credit, even if this is not the qualification that the student was aiming for. The exception is where the student has transferred out of the provider as part of a collaborative provision arrangement in which case code 12 should be returned even if the student is awarded a qualification.

Code 11 'Other' could include a number of reasons for a student leaving but not being awarded a qualification or credit, for example health reasons, financial reasons, written off after lapse of time or academic failure or exclusion.

If the student leaves for any of these reasons but is awarded an exit qualification or credit, they must be returned as 01 'Left and awarded credit or a qualification.'

If the Engagement has ended but it is not yet known if the student will be awarded qualification or credit, for example if the exam board has not yet sat, code 98 should be returned. Once the award of qualification or credit is confirmed, this field should be updated to 01 (if the student achieved the qualification or credit) or 11 (if they did not achieve the qualification or credit.)

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? No
Reason required Used to monitor transfer/progression/completion. Also used in analysis of destinations of students.
Field Length 2
Valid Values
Code Label
01 Left and awarded credit or a qualification
03 Transferred to another provider
05 Death
11 Other (left but without being awarded credit or a qualification)
12 Transferred out as part of collaborative supervision arrangements
98 Left but award of credit or a qualification not yet known

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