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Module outcome (MODULEOUTCOME)

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Key Value
Name Module outcome
Part of Module instance (ModuleInstance)
Description Records if the Student completed the Module in accordance with relevant funding rules.
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All ModuleInstances where ModuleInstance.MODINSTENDDATE exists.

01 'Completion' is defined by the relevant regulatory or funding body. For providers in England this includes the requirements that the student either took the final module assessment or passed it.

02 'Partial completion' is to be used by Welsh providers only and is defined by HEFCW. This should only be used for Module outcomes associated with full-time taught Courses

03 'Student did not complete module' includes cases where the student withdrew from the Module or transferred from this Module to another.

04 'Module taken on a not-for-credit basis' should be used for a student who takes optional modules on a not for credit basis in addition to compulsory modules for their course.

05 'Module result not yet known' should be used where the student has completed the module, but their result is not yet known, this may be, for example, if the module has a late sitting exam board. For modules where the ModuleInstance.MODULERESULT field is required to be returned, the return of 05 in MODULEOUTCOME indicates that these fields cannot yet be completed.

06 'Will continue Module in subsequent Student course session' should be used where the student has not completed the Module but has not failed to complete and is intending to complete this in a future StudentCourseSession. This may be, for example, where a Module spans two StudentCourseSessions. The return of this valid entry will mean that the ModuleInstance.MODULERESULT field is not required and support FTE derivations by indicating that the Module.FTE is not being wholly undertaken in the current StudentCourseSession.

99 'Not coded' must not be used by providers in Wales. Providers in England are encouraged to complete the module outcome information, rather than using code 99.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? Yes
Reason required To allow monitoring of completion, used in the calculation of module completion rates.
Field Length 2
Revision History
Coding Manual Version Element Version Notes
1.4.0 1.0.1 Guidance for valid entry 06 updated to clarify the use of this value.
Valid Values
Code Label
01 Completion
02 Partial completion (HEFCW HESES Rules)
03 Student did not complete module
04 Module taken on a not-for-credit basis
05 Module result not yet known
06 Will continue Module in a subsequent Student course session
99 Not coded

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