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Qualification (Qualification)

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Key Value
Name Qualification
Short Name Qualification
Version 1.7.0
Description A formally recognised academic award, such as a degree, diploma, certificate or credits. Every qualification which the provider offers or awards should be expressed as a Qualification entity, using a common framework.
Uniquely Identified by

Each Qualification (Qualification) is uniquely identified by:

Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage A Qualification entity is required for each qualification a provider offers or awards.

The Qualification entity records information regarding any qualifications that either students can aim for or the provider awards.

Qualifications that students aim for will be associated with the appropriate Course to indicate the aim of that Course.

Qualifications that students achieve will be associated with the appropriate QualificationAwarded entity to show which student(s) achieved the award.

There may be Qualifications that are awarded to students but are not aims of a Course, for example if they are awarded as an exit award if a student were to leave their programme early, but not offered as a standalone Course.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Reason Required To record students' qualification aims and awards, to allow analysis of Students and Leavers by qualification and level.
Minimum Occurrences 0
Maximum Occurrences unbounded
Field Field Length Optional?
Qualification identifier (QUALID) 50 No
Qualification category (QUALCAT) 5 No
Qualification title (QUALTITLE) 255 Yes
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