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Qualification result (QUALRESULT)

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Key Value
Name Qualification result
Part of Qualification awarded (QualificationAwarded)
Description This field records the result of Qualification achieved by the Student
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All QualificationAwarded entities at providers in England.
All QualificationAwarded entities at providers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales where Qualification.QUALCAT = M0002, H0003, H0004, H0005, H0009, I0001.
Notes This field records the class of the qualification that the student has achieved.

Only codes 0001-0008 should be used for students who have achieved an undergraduate degree qualification.
Enhanced degrees should be coded 0005 'Unclassified honours', if not classified.
HESA aggregates codes 0005, 0006, 0007 and 0008 as "unclassified".
Medical degrees which are not honours programmes should be coded 0007 or 0008.
Codes 0009-0011 can be used for students who have achieved an integrated taught masters degree. Providers may return these students using codes 0001-0008 if these are more meaningful.
Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? Yes
Reason required To monitor outcomes, to analyse outcomes against study intentions, to record classification data for publication on Unistats.
Field Length 4
Valid Values
Code Label
0001 First class honours
0002 Upper second class honours
0003 Lower second class honours
0004 Third class honours
0005 Unclassified honours
0006 Aegrotat (whether to honours or to pass)
0007 Ordinary (non-honours) degree
0008 General degree- degree awarded after following a non-honours course/degree that was not available to be classified
0009 Distinction
0010 Merit
0011 Pass
0012 Commendation
0013 Award of credit
9999 Not applicable

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