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Year (YEAR)

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Key Value
Name Year
Short name YEAR
Part of Reference period student load (ReferencePeriodStudentLoad)
Description This field records the academic year in which the reference period for which FTE is being recorded falls.
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Wales
Coverage All ReferencePeriodStudentLoad entities
Notes For the purposes of this field the academic year runs from the 1st of August to the 31 of July.
The year recorded in this field refers to the Y1 of academic year Y1/Y2 in which the reference period fall. So the reference period starting in November 2018 or March 2019 both fall within the 2018/19 academic year and so would have 2018 as the year in the FTE entity returned.
The ReferencePeriodStudentLoad.REFPERIOD field then records the reference period within that academic year for which the FTE is being recorded.
Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? No
Reason required To uniquely identify the Full-time equivalence and enable linking between entities.
Field Length 4

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