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Session Year (SessionYear)

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Key Value
Name Session Year
Short Name SessionYear
Version 1.7.0
Description The SessionYear records the planned course years offered by a provider.
Uniquely Identified by

Each Session Year (SessionYear) is uniquely identified by:

Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage A SessionYear is required for each combination of start and end dates a provider offers unless Course.FULLYFLEX = 01 or Qualification.QUALCAT starts with D or L.

The SessionYear indicates the planned course years offered by a provider.

SessionYears are not required to be returned for fully flexible courses or postgraduate research courses.

SessionYears must be a year in length, with the exception of SessionYears representing courses that are shorter than one year in their entirety, which should reflect the full length of the course.

Different SessionYears do not have to be returned to reflect different courses, types of study or modes of study. A new SessionYear is only required to record different dates.

If a provider offers a number of courses that start within a short space of time, different SessionYears are not required however the SessionYear.SYSTARTDATE must be within 14 days of the actual planned start date of the course.

For example:

  • A provider has a number of 3-year undergraduate courses that start on the 21st September 2020. A SessionYear is required to be returned with the start date 2020-09-21 and end date 2021-09-20. A subsequent SessionYear would be needed for each year that the course runs. Each SessionYear could be associated with students studying any courses, modes, years of programmes or type of activity (e.g. foundation years, placements) provided the dates reflect their planned start dates.

  • A provider runs a 3-month course over the summer. One SessionYear is required to be returned for each time this course runs, each SessionYear would be 3 months long.

  • A provider runs an 18-month course starting on the 21st September 2020. As the Course is more than a year in length, the SessionYears must be a yearlong. A yearlong SessionYear would be returned starting on 21st September for each year that the course runs. This means that first and second year students can be associated with the same SessionYear provided the SessionYear start date records the planned start date of their year of study.

  • A provider runs a course that has entry points in September, January and April. A SessionYear is required for each entry point so 3 SessionYears would be returned for each year the course runs, starting in September, January and April.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Reason Required To record the planned course years in order to give context to the associated StudentCourseSessions to identify, for example, late starters or students moving between cohorts.
Minimum Occurrences 0
Maximum Occurrences unbounded
Field Field Length Optional?
Session year identifier (SESSIONYEARID) 50 No
Own Session Year identifier (OWNSESSIONID) 50 Yes
Session year end date (SYENDDATE) 10 No
Session year start date (SYSTARTDATE) 10 No
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