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Programme year (YEARPRG)

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Key Value
Name Programme year
Short name YEARPRG
Part of Student course session (StudentCourseSession)
Description This field records the year of programme that applies to the StudentCourseSession.
Applicable to England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
Coverage All StudentCourseSessions where the associated Course does not have Course.FULLYFLEX = 01.

This field is not required to be returned for fully flexible courses as the concept of a programme year does not apply. Fully flexible courses are identified by Course.FULLYFLEX = 01. For courses that are not fully flexible but where the concept of a programme year does not apply, 99 can be returned in this field.

Where returned, this field records the programme year that applies to the StudentCourseSession. This field should increment for each year of a course a student studies, Therefore, where a student does not repeat any study, programme year would increment in each StudentCourseSession.

Values should be recorded as positive, whole integers.


  1. If the StudentCourseSession is a preparatory StudentCourseSession (StudentCourseSession.PREPFLAG = 01) or a foundation year, a 0 is returned in this field. If the foundation year is studied part-time over multiple StudentCourseSessions, YEARPRG = 0 should be returned in each applicable StudentCourseSession.

  2. Where students study on a part-time basis, the year of programme should still increment every year. For example, if a student is studying a degree normally taken full-time over 3 years, over 6 years part-time, the year of programme should start at 1 and increase each StudentCourseSession to 6.

  3. If a student is a direct entrant to a later year of a course, the year of programme must reflect the year the student has joined. For example, if the student joins a three-year course in the second year, their YEARPRG would be 2.

  4. If a student repeated a year, the YEARPRG would not increment. For example, if they repeated the first year of their programme, the first two StudentCourseSessions for the Engagement would have YEARPRG = 1.

  5. Where the course is less than one year, YEARPRG is returned as 1.

  6. Incoming exchange students should be recorded with a YEARPRG of 1.

  7. For postgraduate research students, the YEARPRG should not increment during writing up periods.

  8. For intercalating students, the YEARPRG should reflect the year of programme that the student has intercalated onto and is not related to the course they are intercalating from. For example, if a student intercalates to complete the final year of a three-year course, YEARPRG would be 3. When they return to the programme they intercalated from, the YEARPRG relates to that course and does not take into account the intercalation year.

  9. A student intends to do an 18 month course, but first year is compressed into 6 months. The YEARPRG will therefore be updated during the first student course session in the reference period when the student began on the second programme year. We would only expect to see YEARPRG changes within a student course session for accelerated or decelerated provision.

Quality Rules Quality rules to follow
Optional? Yes
Reason required To monitor students' progression, direct entrants and foundation years.
Field Length 2
Revision History
Coding Manual Version Element Version Notes
1.7.0 1.0.2 Additional example added to show when a YEARPRG would change within a student course session. Guidance added to state values are to be recorded a positive, whole integers
1.1.0 1.0.1 Guidance updated to incorporate additional examples of how this field would be returned.

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