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Issue Management System

This page provides support and information for using the Issue Management System.



Introduction to the Issue Management System

The Issue Management System is our data quality database containing information and queries relating to your data submissions to HESA. This new system replaces the Minerva data quality database. 

You will need to use the Issue Management System to add information and respond to data quality queries that are raised during a collection. Record Contacts will be notified by email when queries have been raised or updated. You can then log into the Issue Management System to view and respond to your queries. Before data can be set to credible, all outstanding data quality queries concerning submitted data must be responded to. 


Our expert analysts have a thorough understanding of our records and systems. We are here to support you throughout the data submission process, including the use of Issue Management System. 

Contact Liaison by email or on +44 (0)1242 388 531

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Accessing Issue Management System

To access the Issue Management System, you will need a HESA Identity System account. 

The Identity System (IDS) is a single-sign-on system for all our web applications. This means that you only need one account and then you can access the HESA systems, such as the Data Collection system and the Issue Management System.

The Record Contact for each collection is responsible for assigning new roles in the HESA Identity System, including the Provider Issue Management System roles. 

Access the Issue Management System

A link to the Identity System user guide can be found in the 'Useful resources' section.

Issue Management System: Useful resources

The following user guide has been created to assist providers when using the Issue Management System.

The user guide covers:

  • Accessing the Issue Management System 

  • Viewing and responding to data quality queries 

  • Submitting responses


Issue Management System user guide

We have released an e-learning course for the Issue Management System, which includes a tour of the new interface and updated terminology: 

Issue Management System e-learning

All online courses are available on our e-learning page on the HESA website.  

An appropriate viewing device is required to complete this course, although a laptop or PC is recommended for maximum visibility of the video elements. An email address is required to access the course. 

The following user guide is available to support providers using the Identity System (IDS).

The IDS user guide includes:

  • Registering an account
  • Understanding roles - including how to invite colleagues to roles and how to request a role
  • Setting up and changing your password

Identity System user guide

Access the Identity System

Issue Management System: Upcoming functionality and known issues

Issue Summary Status Date Raised Date Resolved


Functionality Estimated release date Released date
Email notifications September 2020 07/10/2020


Release notes

Release version 3.0.0
Released on 04-02-2021

Navigational buttons added to the issue details screen

We have introduced some navigational buttons into the issue details screen so that a user can navigate from the first to last issue and also move between the previous and next. The navigation factors in any filters that have been applied from the search screen. If a user selects the top issue i.e. the most recent then the first and previous buttons will be disabled. Similarly if a user is at the final issue i.e. the oldest issue then the user will not be able to select the next button or last button.

An image is shown below of the new buttons:

Updated the default sorting of issues on the Home page. 

The default sorting of the issues on the home page has been amended. Initially the order was a combination of 'Severity' followed by then looking at 'Last updated'. This has been amended so that it uses just 'Last Updated', this is based on feedback received from providers. 

Email workflow added where the OfS add a comment to an issue.

We have added the functionality for an email to be sent to the provider where the OfS add a comment to an issue. This is at the request of the OfS. The email generated will indicate the issue ID and collection that the comment relates to as well as including a URL to access directly from the email.

Issue Management System: Frequently Asked Questions

The HESA Issue Management System replaces the existing Minerva system. Minerva will no longer be available from Friday 14 August 2020. A redirect to the new Issue Management System is in place if you had bookmarked your link to the Minerva system.

We are migrating 5 years of collection data and this will be available in the Issue Management System at go-live, so you will be able to view your queries from previous years.

Your Record Contact or those that hold an Admin role for each data stream are responsible for granting the Issue Management System roles in the Identity System. If you are not sure who this is, then please contact Liaison.

Our Data submission best practice page provides detail on the data quality process, as well as other tips on the data submission process.

Data submission best practice

HESA analysts aim to check files within 5 working days following a provider committing their file and responses to data quality queries raised by HESA will be reviewed within 2 working days. However, during busy periods i.e. around the commit deadline please be aware that this may take slightly longer.

Once we have raised data quality queries an email notification will be sent to Record Contacts and Provider Issue Management System Users for that data stream.

Please contact Liaison if you have any feedback on IMS or if you experience any issues; although please check the Known Issues section above to see if this is something we are already aware of.

Contact Liaison