The C12041 Institutional profile record is now open for submission on the HESA Data Collection System. Access and Pin codes have been sent out to the named record contact at each institution to allow users to register for the system.

The Institutional profile record includes two aspects; Campus data and Academic cost centre data. 

To meet the requirement of the return date institutions are required to:

  1. Check the campus details held on the system and confirm whether they remain accurate; making amendments where necessary.
  2. Provide data regarding the mapping of academic departments to cost centres. Provision of cost centre data is compulsory for institutions in England. Provision of cost centre data is optional for institutions in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. All institutions are however encouraged to submit cost centre data as the data collected in this record will be used to validate the Student, Staff and Finance records as well as providing benchmarking material for heidi.
  3. Process a commit transaction.

View the C12041 timescales.

Need help?

The C12041 preparation guide includes key information about the Institution profile data collection.

A step-by-step guide on how to submit Institution profile data to HESA can be viewed in the Institution profile collection user guide.


If you have a question please contact [email protected].