New XML validation kits

The new validation kit is used for the following XML collections:

  • C14051 (Student record 2014/15)
  • C14054 (AP Student record 2014/15)
  • C15061 (Key Information Set 2015/16)

Download and install the new HESA XML Validation Kit

Help with the new HESA XML Validation Kit

Updates in (2015-03-18)

  • The summary of results now displays the issues found in the data with counts for each rule, with an additional choice to display detailed results where each of the fields reported in an error has a separate column.
  • The ability to download results in a number of different formats

Updates in v. (2015-02-05)

  • Addresses a delay in processing schema errors

XML validation kits

The original validation kit is used for all other XML collections, including:

  • C14061 (Key Information Set 2014/15)
  • C14041 (Institutional Profile 2014/15)
  • C14025 (Staff record 2014/15)
  • C13018 (DLHE record 2013/14)
  • C13025 (Staff record 2013/14)
  • C13041 (Institutional Profile 2013/14)
  • C13051 (Student record 2013/14)
  • C13053 (Initial Teacher Training In-Year record 2013/14)
  • C13061 (Key Information Set 2013/14)
  • C13078 (DLHE FEC 2013/14)
  • C12018 (DLHE record 2012/13)
  • C12025 (Staff record 2012/13)
  • C12051 (Student record 2012/13)
  • C12052 (Aggregate offshore record 2012/13)

 ...and all other collections, apart from those supported by the new validation kit.

Download and install the HESA XML Validation Kit v1.0.8.6 (Windows NT4; 2000; XP; Vista; Windows 7)

Help with the HESA XML Validation Kit  

Updates in v. (2015-02-15)

  • Added DLHE FEC

Updates in v. (2014-03-104

  • Corrected false reporting of UKPRN differing from config

Updates in v.

  • Supports C13041 validation
  • Fixed 404 error when downloading business rule updates