Following the publication of the report A pathway to reform, HESA has been asked by the Regulatory Partnership Group to lead a series of projects to carry forward the recommendations of that report. This work will be overseen by a Steering Group chaired by Sir Tim Wilson.

The programme of work is made up of four strands:

Strand 1 – Governance of HE data and information exchange

Research, develop and negotiate a model for the governance of data and information exchange across the HE sector.

Strand 2 – Sector-level data model, lexicon and thesaurus

Define and agree the core elements of a ‘common data language’ for HE data collections. In practice this will mean a standard data model, lexicon and thesaurus.

Strand 3 – Inventory of data collections

Work with HE Providers and all types of data collectors to establish a definitive inventory of data collections for the HE sector.

Strand 4 – Specific areas of data standards

Covers two specific areas of data specification:

  • Joint Academic Coding System (JACS) development
  • Unique Learner Number (ULN) implementation

Further details about these projects can be found in the RPG section of the HEFCE website.