One of the strands of the work being undertaken for the Regulatory Partnership Group as part of the redesign of the data and information landscape is an Inventory of data collections. For more information about the project Redesigning the data landscape, please visit the HEFCE website.

One of the key reference points for the future governance of data collection in the sector will be a definitive and reliable list of data demands being placed upon the sector.  It will be of value to:

  • Institutions in helping them to understand the totality of their own reporting
  • National bodies and others with a requirement for data and information by showing what is already collected

The Inventory will build on the 2010 survey by HEBRG which showed 550 lines of reporting

To build the Inventory, a questionnaire has been developed which will be distributed widely to national bodies.  The National Planners Group is distributing to institutions and two Practitioner Groups of the Academic Registrars Council (Subjects Allied to Medicine and Quality Assurance) will help capture detail of returns in their areas of interest.

The Inventory and questionnaire was launched at the QAA PSRB Forum on 21 November and a dedicated mailbox ([email protected]) has been set up for completed questionnaires.

Any questions can be directed to Graham Fice who is the consultant working on the Inventory.