Version 1.0 of the C13061 Key Information Sets (KIS) record coding manual is now available at C13061.

Following the Early Evaluation of the KIS (EEK) Survey, a number of changes have been implemented to the relevant coding manual pages for 2013/14 from the 2012/13 collection. Significant changes to note are:

To aid institutional planning, a broad timetable of activities is available on the Timescales for data collection page.

The full list of changes from C12061 can be found in the Summary of changes document in the Additional guidance section.

The full list of accrediting bodies and types to use in Accreditation.ACCTYPE will be released in March 2013. The types of accreditation each body awards and the text describing these is being agreed through consultation by HESA and HEFCE, with each accrediting body. Additionally, the accreditation URL will be populated centrally, again following consultation with each accrediting body. A list of the additional institution requested PSRBs for 2013/14 [pdf 49 KB] is available for information.

Further background information on KIS is available from the HEFCE website.


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