Summary of changes since 2013/14

In October 2013 HESA published a consultation of changes to the Student record for 2014/15. This circular sets out the results on the consultation process and summarises the changes that are being carried forward for 2014/15.

The consultation process

The consultation was launched in October, whilst the 2012/13 Student record collection was underway. In spite of this 57 responses were received from the HE sector. The Agency is grateful to everybody who responded to the consultation. A summary of the consultation responses is available; HESA is following up on some of these with other organisations.

The consultation responses were analysed and further discussions have taken place with Statutory Customers. This circular announces the results of that process.

Note: the links below are to the 2013/14 fields and do not therefore reflect the changes set out here.

Results and next steps

Qualifications on Entry

Scope: All institutions

A new valid entry 'Cambridge Technicals' will be added in QualificationsOnEntry.QUALTYPE with related subjects and grades in QualificationsOnEntry.QUALSBJ and QualificationsOnEntry.QUALGRADE. This will be included in the UCAS data for HESA (*J) transaction from 2014.

This is a level 3 qualification and more advice on how to return this qualification in EntryProfile.QUALENT3 will be available when the manual is released.

Scottish Qualifications

Scope: All institutions

A new valid entry will be added in EntryProfile.QUALENT3 to record 'Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers' separately. This will be included in the UCAS data for HESA (*J) transaction from 2014.


Scope: All institutions

The field EntryProfile.QUALENT2 will be removed as it is no longer captured for the vast majority of students. Where institutions intend to resubmit Entry Profiles for students in year 6 and above of courses (i.e. starters in 2009/10 or earlier) they will need to recode to EntryProfile.QUALENT3.

Course.COURSEAIM - MPhil/PhD programmes

Scope: All institutions providing MPhil/PhD programmes

Following responses from institutions to the consultation, this proposal has been amended. A new field will now be added to the Instance entity to record the intentions of students who are on MPhil/PhD programmes (completed for instances linked to courses with Course.COURSEAIM = L99 only). Code L99 in Course.COURSEAIM will keep its current label, ‘Advanced supervised research at levels D or L with an unspecified qualification aim’.

The new field will have three valid entries:

1 Student has indicated an intention to study at Level D
2 Student has indicated an intention to study at Level L
3 Student has not given any indication of final intentions

Standardisation of coding for EntryProfile.PREVINST

Scope: All institutions

The field EntryProfile.PREVINST will move to use UKPRNs for entrants whose Instance.COMDATE is after 1 August 2014. The new coding will appear in the UCAS data for HESA (*J) transaction from 2014. There will however be no requirement to recode data if resubmitting Entry Profiles for continuing students. All non-UK establishments will be coded by UCAS to default code 4931.

For non-UCAS entrants institutions may use the generic codes if more detailed information is not known.The generic codes are:

4901 UK state school
4911 UK independent school
4921 UK FE college
4931 Any non-UK institution
4941 UK HEI

UCAS will be providing a mapping document for institutions, showing the current codes in EntryProfile.PREVINST and the UKPRNs these will be mapped to.

ORCID Number

Scope: All Institutions

A new field, which will be optional, will be added to capture the ORCID number for any research student that has an ORCID number. More details are available on the ORCID website.

The addition of this field is intended to allow career tracking for research students as they enter academic employment. ORCID will also be added to the Staff record.


Scope: All institutions

A new field will be added to record the SOC2010 coding frame for coding parental occupations, supplementing the existing SOC2000 field. More details on the coding frame are available on the ONS website.

The SOC2010 codes will be included in the UCAS data for HESA (*J) transaction from 2014. Institutions may continue to submit EntryProfile.SOC2000 if resubmitting an Entry Profile for continuing students but will need to use the new SOC2010 field and codes for all new entrants.

Due to the ONS policy of reusing codes to mean something different, it will not be possible to provide a mapping document.

Unique Learner Number (ULN)

Scope: All institutions

Thank you to colleagues who responded to the question about the adoption of the ULN. All of the comments have been passed to the HEDIIP Programme Management Office and they will be fed into the discussions with stakeholders about next steps.

EntryProfile.CARELEAVER coverage

Scope: Institutions in Wales and Northern Ireland

The coverage for institutions in Wales will be extended to include all UK and other EU domiciled students.

The coverage for institutions in Northern Ireland will be extended to include all UK domiciled undergraduate students.

Employer Funding

Scope: Institutions in Wales

A new field will be added on the Instance entity to record part-time students which are employer-funded.

Employer Fees

Scope: Institutions in Wales

A new field will be added on the Instance entity to record part-time students whose fees are wholly or partially funded by the student’s employer.


Scope: Institutions in England

Valid entries LWF01-LWF27 and Q00-Q39, covering abolished SHAs, will be removed from Instance.DHFUND.


Scope: All Institutions

Valid entry H24 will be removed from QualificationsAwarded.QUAL.

Reason for Null attributes

Further to discussions with statutory customers, there is no longer a requirement for ReasonForNull attributes in any field (e.g. Instance.ENDDATE) and these will be removed from the Student record for 2014/15.

Schema structure

Following feedback from the sector during the 13/14 Student record consultation, it was noted that the schema definition file for the Student record had grown in an organic way since it was introduced for the 2007/08 collection. New elements were often added to the end of existing structures, leading to a schema that is not always as intuitive as it could be.

At the time of the first complete manual release for 13/14, HESA announced the intention to review the schema with a view to ordering the schema elements in a more consistent and logical way.

For 14/15, it is intended that the schema will be presented thus:

  • Entities will be presented in parent-child order, starting with the ‘Institution entity’
  • Fields within entities will be presented in the order of primary key fields, candidate key fields, foreign key fields, and non-key fields.
  • Child entities will then follow.
  • Each field or entity within a parent entity will be presented in alphabetical order to aid their location.

This ordering is broadly consistent with the current structure. It is intended that this schema order be maintained for future collection cycles, leading to a more predictable location when new elements are added.

FE students

HESA is currently reviewing changes to the ILR for 2014/15 and will publish details of necessary changes to the Student record in the full technical specification.


HESA will publish a full technical specification of the fields affected by the 2014/15 changes in the first quarter of 2014. The complete 2014/15 coding manual will be published in the autumn of 2014.

If you have any queries regarding this circular please contact the Institutional Liaison team on 01242 211144 or email [email protected].