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Students in Higher Education Institutions

1994/95 - 2009/10 available to download

This publication is the first in our series of popular reference volumes published each year. It contains detailed analysis of the student dataset that HESA collects.

Much of the data is cross tabulated by institution and includes breakdowns by subject of study, level of study, mode of study, age, gender and much more. Data on ethnicity and disability are also included.

Students in Higher Education Institutions also contains tables which provide a comprehensive look at the qualifications obtained by students at all levels of higher education including class of first degree.

Analysis of overseas student numbers including country of domicile is featured alongside other student attributes.


Resources of Higher Education Institutions - now Staff and Finances

1994/95 - 2009/10 available to download

The Resources of Higher Education Institutions reference volume contains data concerning academic staff and the finances of UK universities and HE colleges.

Staff data tabulations include details on grade, gender, academic employment function (e.g. teaching and research), principal source of salary, and much more. Many of the tables are presented by institution. Data on non-academic staff is covered in recent editions with breakdowns by standard occupational classification and gender.

Finance data includes general income and expenditure figures with breakdowns by source and category of spend. The tables can be used to examine income from funding council grants, tuition fees & education grants, research grants & contracts and endowment & investment income. Detail on how much universities and HE colleges spend on academic staff costs and the cost of depreciation is also included. Many of these tables are also cross-tabulated by cost centre.



Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education

1994/95 - 2009/10 available to download

Destinations data provides information on the activities of students after leaving a higher education institution (HEI). The data is collected through a survey carried out approximately six months after students leave a HEI. Example information might include the type of work a leaver has entered or what sort of further study they may be engaged in.

Data in the destinations reference volume also includes the type of industry sector and occupation type that leavers enter and geographical distribution. Much of the data is also linked to data from the HESA Student Record allowing analysis of destinations by students' attributes such as gender, subject of study and qualification obtained.



Higher Education Statistics for the UK

1994/95 - 2009/10 available to download

Higher Education Statistics for the UK is published in conjunction with the Government Statistical Service and is a National Statistics product. A wide variety of data is presented from all of HESA’s data streams and other organisations. Much of the data is shown at sector level. This product serves as a quick reference guide to high-level data on all aspects of higher education in the UK.

Tables featuring applications and admissions data from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), data from the Student Loans Company on student support provision and information on participation and graduate rates for 30 countries sourced from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are also included.


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