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Graduate activities and characteristics

HE Graduate Outcomes Data Graduates' activities and characteristics

Experimental statistics

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The tables and charts on this page provide information on graduates from higher education. Some information is taken from our Higher Education Graduate Outcomes Statistics: UK, 2017/18 Statistical Bulletin.

All tables and charts include a link underneath allowing you to download the data you see on screen, including filters, and will also include a link to download the complete source data as a machine-readable csv file.

Graduate activities

The following tables provide data on the activites that graduates were engaged in during the census week.

Figure 4 - Graduate outcomes by activity and domicile

Academic year 2017/18


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What are confidence intervals?

Given that we are reporting on a subset of graduates from the total target population in this survey (i.e. those who responded to the survey – the sample), we cannot be completely certain that any statistics we create from that sample are exactly the same as the statistics we could have created if every single graduate in our target population had responded. A confidence interval gives us a statistical way to indicate a range of values within which we can be reasonably confident the ‘true’ (i.e. total population) value would fall. For Graduate Outcomes data, 95% confidence intervals are used which means that there is a 95% chance that the interval calculated from the sample covers the true value. The width of the confidence interval gives some idea about how precise an estimated value is: the wider the range from the stated percentage, the less the precision. More information on confidence intervals and survey weighting is available in the methodology statement.

What is interim study?

The census point of the survey is at 15 months after graduation which means that many graduates may have undertaken other qualifications such as Master’s degrees during this period. At the point of the survey some may only just be completing those further qualifications. The interim study filter allows you to include or exclude graduates who are likely to have spent most of the 15 month period in full-time study from tables and charts. Whether you choose to include or exclude these graduates will depend on your intended use for the statistics. For example, if you are assessing the rates of unemployment of graduates it may not be fair to compare graduates who are likely to have spent most of the 15 months in the labour market with those who have only recently entered the labour market. In this example it may be more sensible to exclude graduates who have spent most of the 15 months in full-time study.

Table 6 - Graduate activities by provider

Academic year 2017/18


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Figure 5 - Graduate outcomes by activity and personal characteristics

Academic year 2017/18


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View more detailed tables on personal characteristics

Table 13 - Outcomes of undergraduate UK domiciled full-time graduates by participation characteristics

Academic year 2017/18



Graduates in further study

The following table provides data on graduates who were in further study during the census week.

Table 15 - Graduates in further study by subject area of former degree and level of qualification aimed for in further study during census week

Academic year 2017/18

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