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Review governance

The NewDLHE review comprised a strategic and a working group, with defined terms of reference and membership.

View the NewDLHE review terms of reference and membership as well as agendas, papers, and notes of meetings for both the Strategic Group and Working Group.

Decisions made by the governance structure for the project were subject to the normal relationship management and governance processes of HESA and were ultimately approved by HESA’s Board.

The model we developed and consulted on included a proposed approach to governance which would involve the establishment of a Steering Group with responsibility to:

  • Ensure the right questions are being asked.
  • Keep the methodology under review.
  • Ensure graduates are not being over-surveyed.
  • Help ensure standards are being met, for example by advising on quality assurance of coding activities.

A Terms of Reference for the Graduate Outcomes Steering Group were developed during the design phase, and many members of the review group were asked to serve on this new group, to provide continuity of expertise.

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